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I Have An Empty Tool Box

mASF post by Potsked

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I Have An Empty Tool Box
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mASF post by "Potsked"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, October 10, 2002

Hi, my name's Potsked

*Hi potsked*

And i have an empty toolbox
it's not completely empty, but it may as well be, i have memorized the lines
for palm reading once or twice, but never used them, i have *a* funny story,
and that's it, i could probably easily learn some of the games off of pickup
, but you can only play so many games, right? i have had bad instances in
the past where i just have no material and nothing to say, so i have committed
myself to have a number of things in my tool box (or routine, what have you)to
draw from before i do some more approaches. my goal at this time is not
necesarrily to lay a hb, as great as that would be, but all the people at my
small private highschool just suck, including my friends, luckily there are a
number of large public schools around my area, but i know of just one of the
places that one of the schools denizens hang out in, a crappy mall that's about
2 blocks from the school, now these people aren't loners by any means, which is
why i have chosen to try and use mystery's method, in that i would like to
almost join an entirely new social circle, (and bag any hb's that come my way)
so i guess what im looking for are three fold; stories, routines, openers and
what mystery calls "main body scripts" to entertain a group with and hopefully
keep the conversation going with me as the main attraction; a couple of
questions, when using (an) opener(s) who do you use it on? not the potential
target (ie. the hottest one, even though that's not my main objective), should
i use the opener on one of the guys, or an ug, or what? and thirdly does
anybody have advice for befriending a group? to more or less join their social
circle?, thx in advance for your help

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