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Lay report: please comment

mASF post by Hillman

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Lay report: please comment
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mASF post by "Hillman"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, October 10, 2002

Hi, i'm new here and english isn't my native language :)

I read fastseduction and pickup guidea couple of time except the pattern
section because I wanted the girls to like me for who i am.

Lets begin with some background. Most of it happened before I started
reading guides.

Met this girl right after i broke up with my ex-gf(broke up at noon, met
her the same night :) ). I wasn't in a very good mood and not very happy
but while i was talking with her friends she told me that she missed her
bus(she live about 2h from me) but she would stay to know me better. Later
on she and her friends went to dance, i wasn't feeling in a dancey mood so
i said bye and went home.

Maybe 2 week later her friend(which i worked with her) told me that she
wanted to go to the warp tour and knew i was going to go to. So i called
her asked if she wanted to come. She said yes and arranged for a meeting
point. So we spent the day together and with my friends. But we lost her
at the end of the day because with all the dust she felt sick. But when i
came home later that night i had a message from her saying why she left
early. And later that week-end we spoke again and agreed to call each
other next time there's a punk show in mtl.

About 3 week later she calls me saying that there's a show soon but she'll
be in my town for thanksgiving. So last friday i went clubing with her
and we french kissed, got to second base in the bar and we left when the
bar closed(3am) and asked me if this was serious or just because i wanted
affection. I told it was serious(even if it wasn't) because she told me
earlier that she had a crush on me and i wanted to fuck her.. she then
proceeded to take a taxi.(ugh...) But she told me that there was a party
for a friend on saturday. I told her i had something with friends until

The following night i went out with my friends and forgot about her. Then
i met her in a bar while they were looking for someone else(so they say)
then i said i might go to join then later.(it was 1am). My friends came
to my home to call a taxi(it was 2am). When they left i figured that i
had 1 hour left before bars closed. So i went to join that girl and we
talked for a while and while i was talking about a movie i seen i saw in
her eyes that it might be the moment to kiss her. So we kissed until we
were thrown out the bar. Then she told me she was ready to take it a step
further but she didn't want to invest if i was just using her for sex. I
told that i liked her but the distance between us was kind of a problem.
We were then outside and i was freezing to death so SHE proposed that we
go to my place to continue to talk. So i brought her to my place and we
talked for a while about nothing and everything and then bang! we started
to kiss and after about 5 mins of kissing i started to undress her and she
started to undress me. She asked if i had a condom and we fucked. And
she told me she was a virgin. Which i believe because she was so fucking

I called a taxi at 4h30 am and because i knew the taxi phone number she made a
funny remark that i called alot of taxi for girls and i said no, it was
because my friends always came to my place to call taxi. She then left.

I called her the next day(after she went to church!!! Where i come from,
it's the fundies that go to church every sunday!!!) and i was still doing
something with friends and she wanted to get up early so we agreed to do
something the next night.(Today) So maybe tonight i'll get laid again.

So i know i made a lot of errors and that i got lucky. She made alot of
steps that i should have made. So what do you think about it? any
comments?(btw, i don't love her, and was just using her for sex, but it
would be fun to have a fuckfriend)

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