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Attraction Not Necessary

mASF post by TylerDurden

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Attraction Not Necessary
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mASF post by "TylerDurden"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, February 2, 2004

On 2/6/04 6:42:00 AM, Mystery wrote:
>without attraction you cannot
>isolate. the theory is absurd.
>(but it was a good exercise
>for me in thinking it through
>just in case.)

LOL.. OK, think it over this way though. This is something that's been on my
mind alot, for some time now and I haven't posted about it because nobody seems
to understand what I'm talking about. I'll try anyway though, while we're on
the topic.

Alright - when we run game you see the girls' buying temperature pumping up.
You use more intrigue (usually DHVs) combined with negs (including active
ignorance). This gets the girl attracted fast. Really fucking fast.

That provides you with a window, that will garner her attention for a while.
Long enough usually to build comfort or at least to rapidly qualify and bridge
so that you can build comfort on the telephone.

Now our problem as guys is this: If you think to how YOU feel, at times when
you're sleeping with 5 different hot girls at once (5 LTRs I mean, not a 5some
which would be cool too, but that's another issue). Notice that if a girl who
you just met calls you, you may often feel that you can't be bothered to pursue
it? Like, I remember having a few LTRs going on, and I just started giving the
HBs that I met MY number, because I knew that I wouldn't be motivated to phone
them. So 2 of them actually called me in one week. Several times, too. I was
actually pretty impressed with myself, because they were obviously rock solid

Anyway, I didn't bother meeting up with either girls. The reason why wasn't
that I wasn't attracted to them, but rather that I was just feeling so
validated by the other girls that I couldn't have been bothered to go out of my
way in the slightest to go meet up with these girls. I knew they were
attractive girls, but because I felt so validated from my LTRs that I just
didn't FEEL attraction for them on an emotional level anymore, although I did
at the time of the pickup. On an emotional/physical level, that would be like
eating a buffet, and then driving 45 minutes across town to the Pizza Hut.
Aside from the ASF-indoctrinated "sarge sarge sarge" mentality, I really would
have no reason to be bothered. So I wind up flaking, unless they FORCE me into
a corner (ie: I hate the phone, I'm going to stop by for 10 minutes). From
there they have a chance with me, but they're not going to get it by leaving
messages and acting all "If you don't get with the program I'm NEXT'ing you",
because I just won't give a fuck given how validated I already am.

That's the thing with girls. They feel strong emotion at the time of the
actual pickup, but because they are so validated (most hot girls are getting
laid, and even for the ones who aren't, its more about the validation of guys
wanting them than getting actual dick, whereas for guys we need to actually get
laid usually to feel that validation). So the girls just don't feel the
attraction post pickup. They feel it in the MOMENT because we neg them, which
combined with the DHVs and resulting social proof making us look cool, the negs
are coming from a cool guy that they would WANT validation from.

So this buys us a temporary window of attraction, that as said "Is necessary
for isolation". But really, by the time we phone, they've often lost the
emotion of attraction. We may get them to meet up, but notice that its usually
based on other factors. Like maybe you have a good BAIT to get them to come
out (access to a hot spot, potential of furthering their career, a mansion, a
party, cool friends, a pickup workshopor just a fun idea), or they just moved
into town and don't have many friends yet, or they happened to just break up
with their boyfriend or are thinking about it, or you just fucking corner them
based on consistency. Sometimes they're actually looking for a guy, so they
come out too.

These are contingencies though, that don't necessarily depend on how
true-to-form you ran your set. You could have run a *perfect* set, and gotten
full attraction, comfort, and even friendship. But she may still flake down
the line. And its unrelated to attraction.

But really, if that's the case, then the only REAL priority in a pickup is just
to get her isolated. Attraction is the best and most consistent BAIT for
isolation, but realistically there could be other situations structured where
you didn't need it. Like in cases where I befriend the whole peergroup, and
bring them *all* back to my house, and then I just pull the target back to my
room for sex after they fall asleep, even though she didn't really like me that
much. Notice that in this case, it was the peer-approval that disarmed
ASD/LMR, and even though she wasn't that attracted, her interest in sex was
what got it.

Of course, as I posted in a reply above this one, she usually (most often, not
always) has to recognize that you're a cool guy (cooler than her, preferably),
so that she's not sleeping with a complete fucking loser. Also, preferably you
would have some acceptance of kino, because if not then it may be difficult to
escalate because touching her would seem abrupt.

Remember the Secret Society post? Alot of these "Secret Society" guys just
telegraph that they are IN. They don't necessarily have attraction, so much as
that they telegraph that they are IN. I've had many girls who I've slept with,
who even told me that they had no interest in seeing me again afterwards and
that they thought I wasn't very good looking and that their boyfriends were
better. But they knew that there was no consequences ("it doesn't count"),
because I telegraphed Secret Society membership, and for that reason it went
down. These are fool's mates, but that's not the issue in this thread. The
point of the original post was that attraction wasn't fully necessary for sex.

It just comes down to having a good escalation game. My escalation game is
killer right now, so I bag alot of girls who really most guys wouldn't have
been able to.

The point here, IMO, is that attraction isn't as necessary as is typically
thought. Attraction is the most effective and consistent BAIT for isolation,
but really what's most important is disarming ASD, which is oftentimes less
correlated to attraction than it is to social consequences and the self
perception of the girl.

I'm not totally sure or even fully attached to any of these viewpoints, btw. I
may be very wrong. It's just how it seems to me, at this point in time, based
on things I've spotted in the field, that I may or may not have analyzed



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