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Confident Rapport

mASF post by san***m@at***.com[ ? ]

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Confident Rapport
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mASF post by "san***m@at***.com[ ? ]"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

On 4/5/05 6:52:00 PM, The_One wrote:
>I think the issues are
>becoming confused in this
>No one is claiming that looks
>play no role in attraction.
>That's just silly.

Good. It's a mix of different attributes; a guy who is super-good looking
doesn't need to lean so much on attitude or rapport or what have you.

I know two guys who are basically Mystery Method imitators. They teach some
pickup workshopsThese guys are so hot lookking, women get turned on looking
at them. I met one woman who said, in so many words, that she was ready to
mount one of them on first sight, before he opened his mouth.

Guys like this should NOT be instructors as they just can't separate how much
of their success has nothing to do with any technique, but simply how they
>However, like the guy before
>me wrote, in real life, you do
>see guys who have better
>looking women than you think
>they should.

Unquestionably true; they are SS students!
>These are NOT community guys.
>They do not know about SS, MM,
>DYD, or whatever......

Cam, you would be suprised how far my reach goes after 12 years in the
business. But I concede your point. Some guys are "naturals".
>Being confident and carrying
>yourself in a certain manner
>will make a gigantic
>difference in how others
>perceive you.
>I think you'd agree with this.

Beyond that, it's possible to project energy and a "vibe". I teach it.

I'm simply saying that being confident and carrying yourself may not be enough
in any situation, let alone a highly competitve situation like a club when you
are aiming at the hottest girl there.
>A lot of the old theories want
>you to do crazy routines,
>swallow swords, juggle
>hamsters and so forth in order
>to create attraction.

I agree with you; it is overcomplicating things to make yourself stand out as
being "high value". I think simply demonstrating a bit more savvy, a bit more
social skill, and a bit more insight than the average guy is enough to get your
foot in the door for a minute or two.

What you DO in that minute or two to buy you more minutes requires MORE than
confident rapport. RAPPORT IS CRUCIAL, but by itself it is not enough.

Cam, what I am saying is, there is a difference between necessary and
SUFFICIENT. RAPPORT is crucial and RAPPORT can create attraction. It probably
WON'T get you arousal. Arousal requires more.

Some girls will fuck just on attraction alone because they love fucking and
view it as a sport or as validation of their attractiveness. Some women need
attraction, PLUS arousal, plus comfort etc etc.
>Let's take that 40 year old
>guy you gave as an example.
>He is balding and he is out of
>Let's place him at a dinner
>party with a group of his
>peers. (Not picking up 21
>year olds at a night club.)

Ok. Stop there. I'm already more inclined to agree. But the guys who talk about
all these routines, to be fair, ARE talking about night clubs and 21 year olds.

For the context they are discussing, for the special case they describe, THEY
HAVE *******SOME******** MERIT. Real merit.

I don't buy you need to distinguish 19 different stages of a seduction or have
83 stacked routines for each segment etc etc etc. but they DO have some valid

Just as an example; disqualifying yourself in some way, by putting time
constraints or some other method DOES work to disarm women who get approached
in nightclubs.

>How is he interacting with
>people? How does he appear?
>How do people perceive him?
>Does he excude confidence and
>a bit of charm, or is he just
>friggin' creepy? I have met
>both kinds.

Yes, in this context, I AGREE WITH YOU.
>While we are at it, let's
>place Sean Connery at this
>party too, except no one knows
>he is rich and famous.
>How old is Sean Connery now?
>In his 70s? Yes, some women
>find him sexy, but the guy IS
>75 YEARS old!!!

If he were Sean Connery the plumber not Sean Connery the movie star
multi-millionaire, it would assuredly be a different story, absent knowing how
to project energy and vibe, plus good use of hypnotic language.
>How would good old Mr. Connery
>behave? How would he interact
>with others?
>How would he be perceived?
>How would he turn to a woman
>next to him and chat?
>Remember that no one knows of
>his fame or money. I am
>talking strictly attitude,
>behavior, and body language.
>Without elaborating too much,
>I hope that this paints a
>picture of what I am trying to

Useful. I get you.
>The 40 year old guy should
>carry himself in the same
>manner as Sean regardless of
>his job, background, or age.
>I also would advise that he
>ought to take steps to look
>like a guy who is in demand by
>women. No, I don't mean
>plastic surgery but dressing
>like someone who is in demand
>and taking care of proper
>grooming is a must.

True, but with respect, Cam, it's also trite. It's like saying when you drive
your car, look for oncoming traffic and wear your seat belt.
>Outside of that, a person's
>attitude and behavior accounts
>for more than most of us
>I hope this explains what I am
>trying to convey.

It does. In the context of a club, it is a special case with special
requirements. SS can work in a club as well. The social setting has to be taken
into account, however, and in that respect, I've learned things of genuine
value from the MM school. I don't buy into all the routines etc etc etc but
there is genuine value in it. Don't throw out the baby with the douche water,
to twist a phrase.

Regards Cam, and hopefully we can sarge one night. Have some great new places
here in the Venice/Marina area and it would be interesting to have you as a

>The One

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