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mASF post by TylerDurden

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Magic Bullet» for LMR
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mASF post by "TylerDurden"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, January 1, 2004

This is similar to how when girls find out that I run pickup workshopsthey
just sleep with me.

They say stuff like "I'm so comfortable with you, because I know you don't care
if we have sex or not since you can get someone else. I don't feel pressured,
and that just makes me want to do it more."

The other day, I asked a girl I hooked up with about why when I tell girls
about this, they automatically sleep with me (I am exaggerating somewhat, but
not much). Her answer: "Well that's what you guys do. You sleep with girls.
If you went out with a guy like that, and you didn't even get laid, that
wouldn't make any sense. Its what you guys do. It's even on your website."

WTF??? How does that make ANY sense?? Total circular logic. AKA - chick logic.

Like its some logic stream along the lines that they'd be interrupting the
natural flow of things if they didn't, so they should just do it. Umm, yeah,
makes total sense.


At the same time, I prefer to subcommunicate this kind of thing, by just not
actually SEEMING like I'm trying to lay her.

I do that by disengaging the foreplay over and over. Like a girl, I get
distracted by other stimulus', and put up my own LMR when she touches areas
that are off my limits. It's a basic frame reversal.

I'll literally cut off the foreplay, and start blabbing about something that I
just thought of, totally enthusiastically. I'll massage her a bit, and then
re-engage kissing hard.

But at all points, she's not sure if she'll get it or not.

I like subcommunicating to girls that I'm with other girls, rather than
directly verbalizing it. I've tried verbalizing it and had mixed results.
Some girls were fine with it and even get turned on by it. They got
competitive and tried harder in bed. But other girls got uncomfortable and
just got up and left. I've had this actually happen a few times. I've since
dropped it after a few negative experiences.

I'm not a fan of directly verbalizing, and prefer to just leave them
suspiscious by my actions.


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