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Re: Interesting College Girl Article

mASF post by mad***5@my***.com[ ? ]

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Re: Interesting College Girl Article
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mASF post by "mad***5@my***.com[ ? ]"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, February 2, 2001

In article <BdZe6.212559$w35***3@ne***.com[ ? ]>,
"Colonel Monkey" <eat***z@ho***.com[ ? ]> wrote:
> a playboy mag article, interesting shit for college dudes out there. i
> for a fact in my school women outnumber men by a vast majority, but
> seems to be a widespread phenomenon.
> By Lynda Twardowski
> Pop Quiz:
> 1. Have your cheesy pick-up lines-suddenly started working with the
coeds on
> campus?
> 2. Does your dorm-room doorknob have a standing date with your sock
> Friday night?
> 3. Is your silk panty collection flourishing?
> 4. Have you run out of room for any more notches on your bedpost?
> If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you may think you're
a real
> Romeo. Well, we've got news for you -- it's probably not your good
looks and
> charm that are responsible for your recent luck with the ladies on
> It's just a matter of statistics. Put simply, women far outnumber men
> college campuses. Female students edged into the majority in 1979 and
> college gender gap has been widening ever since.
> Looks like these guys from our Conference USA spread like the fact
that U.
> North Carolina-Charlotte is 54 percent female.
> Today, men make up over 51 percent of the general population, but they
> receiving only 45 percent of the bachelor degrees. Compare that with
> years ago when guys were landing 57 percent of all bachelor degrees,
and 50
> years ago, when they were taking home a whopping 76 percent. Tom
> a higher-education policy analyst, told that if the trend
> continues at the same rate of decline, there won't be a single man
wearing a
> mortarboard by graduation day 2068.
> The trend hasn't gone unnoticed. The Washington Post and U.S. News &
> Report have printed articles examining how the decline of male
enrollment in
> college is affecting classroom dynamics, campus services and the
> economy. That's serious stuff. And even though many of the
implications of
> the widening gender gap are sobering, wanted to explore
> sexier ramifications of this trend: Namely, if there are more women
than men
> on campus, does that mean it's easier for guys to get laid?
> The New Mating Game
> U. Alabama-Birmingham, where these Girls of Conference USA models go
> school, is a whopping 57 percent female.
> If you apply the simple laws of supply and demand, it stands to reason
> guys are the ones who benefit from the glut of female students on
campus. At
> colleges where women outnumber the guys by two, sometimes even three
to one,
> male students have suddenly found themselves in demand when it comes
> dating and mating.
> "There are enough women to go around here...twice," says S.A.
Rosenberg, a
> senior at American University in Washington, D.C., where women make up
> percent of the student body. "Fraternity guys are getting laid a lot
> But there's action for everyone, even for guys who aren't in frats,"
> Rosenberg.
> At the University of Charleston, W.V., women account for a whopping 69
> percent of all students, which leaves the typically
> college guy with some seriously good odds. Just ask Nick Quinn, a
senior at
> Charleston. "I know plenty of guys who date more than one chick at a
> and most of the chicks know about it. I know one guy who's dating two
> sisters," he says. "There's an endless supply."
> Sound like your dream school? Going to a college where women make up
> majority has other benefits, too. At the University of North
> Hill, guys make up less than 40 percent of the student population. M.
> Burdorff, a senior, says the view is fantastic: "You're literally just
> walking around and there's women everywhere. We just sit around on the
> and watch beautiful women all day. The girl watching here
> Round and Round She Goes
> Desperate times call for desperate measures. And college chicks who
> faced with fewer choices and -- well, let's face it -- raging
hormones, are
> going the extra mile. Guys claim coeds are adopting more aggressive
> to land dates: asking guys out, offering to "group date" (two or more
> going out with the same guy) and hosting parties for their crushes.
> women are willing to go even farther than that to impress the guys.
> "At a party last weekend, four girls all hooked up with each other.
And the
> reason they're doing it is because there are guys at the party, and
> women know [chicks on chicks] is the immediate way to draw attention
> the guys," says Jarrett Bellini, a senior at American U.
> Gorgeous girls like these Pac Ten models are everywhere at the U.
> which is 53 percent women.
> Of course, not all ladies are willing to play tag team. "Uh, no," says
> Piper, a former undergrad at Michigan State (54 percent female), who
is now
> a grad student at Ohio State (49.7 percent female). "We joked about it
> unbalanced at Michigan State, but we weren't that desperate."
> Other coeds fed up with sharing the same dating supply are seeking
> squeezes off-campus. At Fisk University in Nashville, where women make
up 71
> percent of the population, one female junior, who refused to give us
> name, says chicks have flown the coop altogether: "The dating scene is
> difficult ... The females here go outside the college campus."
> Ditto at UNC-Chapel Hill, admits Burdorff: "A lot of the girls I know
go to
> North Carolina State in Raleigh to meet guys. It's a tech school --
> way more guys there than here."
> Majority Rules
> If you haven't already started taking advantage of the unlevel playing
> field, you'd better get in the game now, because the gravy train may
> last forever. College administrators are scrambling to find ways to
> the gender gap. Many schools, like the University of Dallas, have
> or created more athletic opportunities to attract male students. And a
> colleges have taken more extreme measures.
> Despite the abundance of beautiful Berkeley girls in our October 1999
> Ten spread, the campus is split 50-50.
> Administrators at the University of Georgia tried to take the edge off
> gender disparity problem by giving men preferential treatment in
> But after being sued by a woman who felt she was rejected because of
> gender, they changed the policy in 1999.
> Who knows if administrators will find a way to even out the guy-girl
> But for now, let the good times roll. You'll probably never have such
> odds again, so get out and make the most of the new mating game.
This is a bit OT(my comments, not the article), but here's my $.02

I think one thing that may be draining some of the men is the technical
schools. These schools are changing for teaching electronics repair and
welding to computer systems and networking. These field move too fast
to be taught at a four year school - hell, everything you learn your
freshmen year would be obsolete by the time you graduate. The Cisco
program I went through couldn't even publish textbooks - all the
material was online. The only books they had were way out of sync with
the online material. This is extremly male-dominated (well, at my
school anyway).

Anyway, you do a two year program, get your certifications, work about a
year's time, you can make as much as programmers with bachelor's degrees

"Chivalry is dead. Women killed it." - Dave Chapelle

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