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Question to PlayerSupreme

mASF post by PlayerSupreme

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Question to PlayerSupreme
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mASF post by "PlayerSupreme"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

On 7/19/05 9:13:00 PM, ItalianPlayboy wrote:
>Hey playersupreme
>I saw how space age pimpin is
>on, they don't
>sell it new on there, but some
>guy is selling it used. I
>don't trust that.
>I'm in the states and I'm not
>going to by from some used
>dealer out in brittain on
>If so, I would like to buy it
>from you if you put it on
>Thank you very much.

I'm sorry playboy, I would never sell my copy. Paradise (the author from the
pimps network) have clashed and but heads and he no longer comes up in there,
but I do value his words. I would just go on and buy the book since it was
written and sold over there.

Paradise is a english playboy/mack. If he lives his life the way he claims
although he would offer any proof to my challenges in our debates then it's
well worth buying.

Even then he has sound ideas :

From his chapter on Reciprocation;

I should be seen not heard. I only speak when spoken to.

A good boss always gives them just enough to keep 'em coming, but not enough to
stop them coming."

The law of Reciprocation states that I should Reciprocate as little as possible
up to a maximum of twenty five percent in respect of hoe's physical and verbal
behaviour if they well see me repeatedly.

The reasons for the Law are numerous. To entice a woman and heighten her
desire. To ensure and encourage that she persues me. To eliminate time
wasters who are just seeking a little ego boost. To add mystique. To maintain
the Balance of Power"

From his chapter on Choosing (I'm not sure if you know what this pimp concept
is but is should be easy to figure out.

"There is simply no logic in Choosing someone who is not Choosing me. First a
hoe has to "Choose" me, be attracted to me, before I can consider her at all.

I will describe how I deduce this subsequently. It is the key to minimising
time and enrgy wasted. It's my filter. It means no longer is pulling based on
irrelevant assumptions, a quessing game or game of chance. "if I speak to ten
women, at least one will be down. Once a model went for me, so she's not as
fit, she should like me. She's married. Has a boyfriend. She says she doesn't
like me." Or, "I had better let her know I like her otherwise nothing will
ever happen."

Because I can smell attraction, I'm exclusively selecting from and dealing with
women that are already consciously or subconsciously jocking me. I know that
they're interested without any lame talking to them or asking around."

A true master of the game paradise is showing himself to be in his book.

This book is for macks or what's called over there pimp-tights. Pimp-tights
have reversed the dating game. They make women chase them. Pay for the dates.
Take them places. Give them money and all the things I told yall that I do
when I first showed up here.

If your not on that type of game level then learning how to manage chicks and
your life in this style will be of no use to you.

You really need to think about it. Can you really take money from a woman?
Can you really allow your pride to let her pay for dinner or the movies?

And it's not a matter as some idiot will say of not being a man. Cause last
time I looked in my pants I'm very much a man. And my thoughts and attitude is
that of a REAL man to.

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