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pictures of past girlfriends, etc

mASF post by PussyForever

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pictures of past girlfriends, etc
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mASF post by "PussyForever"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

I keep a photo album with pictures from the different places where I lived.
Once in a while I will show them to a girl I invite at my place. The other day
I decided to add pictures of me with the girls I met in all those places. Just
recently I took a cutie to my place. I had met her in the bus the day before.
Anyway I started talking about the time where I was in the US and then gave her
the pictures for her to have something to do while I was cooking. Of course she
was really interested in the pictures with the chicks . For a minute I thought
it was not such a great idea to show those to her as I thought I saw a slight
expression of upset as she looked at them one after the other. Her lighthearted
and joyful attitude seemed to have gone away for a few minutes. Anyway, we
ended up making out on the couch afterwards

But now I am wondering if showing these pictures is a good idea or not. What do
you think? and what about framed pictures of you and past GF in selected places
in the house?

EDIT: on a similar topic; I am bit of a collector when it comes to pictures of
women... I have a whole stash of old Playboy magazines (all of them in mint
condition btw) some of them I keep in the bedroom as I like to reread them.
Usually when I plan to have a first date at home I put them away after that I
don't take any step to hide them. Usually if they find them they seem to enjoy
checking out the pictures. I also have a few Andrew Blake movies (these flicks
are pretty cool)which I keep with the other regular dvd's but definitely out of
sight if you are not digging into the TV cabinet. Often they end up noticing
and look at the boxes. On one or two occasions I had a girl watch a movie on
3d or 4th date. The main reason I have them is to watch them with a chick of
course. But the effect is usually rather disappointing.
Anyway is it better to hide all that stuff - you are supposed to have little
interest in pics of naked chicks since you are too busy with the real thing or
running away from hot babes pursuing you :)- or only keep a few of them there
especially if you want a LTR or think the girl is looking for a LTR?

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