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Re: Girls Masturbate thinking on other guys.

mASF post by jacques

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Re: Girls Masturbate thinking on other guys.
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mASF post by "jacques"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

On 6/25/05 7:11:00 AM, OM wrote:
>I see your point.
>You said:
>" Now, if your girlfriend
>thinks about your
>neighbour (as opposed to a
>movie actor she never met in
>reality) instead of
>you, time is up for a check."
>time is up for a check..what
>does that mean (i am not
>english) does it mean that i
>should be aware of that
>situation? At least now i am
>more confortable by knowing
>that you guys get upset if
>your GF dreams with your
>friends. Ok, dreaming with aTV
>playboy its bad but that a
>fantasy of the impossible,
>thats different (althought not
>quiet good) but dream with
>friends its bad.
>So, how would you react if
>your GF was dreaming about a
>specific freind of yours?

It depends on the circumstances, but you only have 3 options:
-dump her
-reseduce her
-make it an open relationship (i.e. you can also fuck other girls)

Obviously you would not like the third option. And indeed open relationships
rarely work as planed. But what I wanted to point out is that REQUIRING FROM
YOU GF THAT SHE STOPS DOES NOT WORK. Never, ever mention the other
guy, that only shows your insecurity. The only way that works is to seduce her
again, so that she thinks about you again.

>Second: in the book mentioned
>above in this thread, some
>girls dream about dogs!! and
>the author considers that
>normal!! Are our GFs dreaming
>with dogs? lol! thats crazy!
>Whats next? "Dear, i have a
>fantasy...with a dinossaur..."
>lol, maybe these are crazy

Who cares? It's only in their head. Note that a girl that is fantazing about
is having dreams about her being with an "unreal" dog. It is about her, and
the only thing it proves is that she enjoys being humiliated in her fantasies.
Put her in front of a REAL dog, and she won't do it.

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