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The 10 Habits of a Natural and his Bi-Sexual Girlf

mASF post by Paraiso

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The 10 Habits of a Natural and his Bi-Sexual Girlf
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mASF post by "Paraiso"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, June 6, 2005

On 6/20/05 7:39:00 PM, Asian Playboy wrote:

>9. Women Want Him. Or at least
>that's what he THINKS. Quite
>frankly, I don't see all the
>insane amounts of glances,
>lookovers, and checkouts that
>he's pointing out, but WHO THE
>FUCK CARES? It's the sheer
>confidence in his own sex
>appeal and masculinity. He
>could be deluding himself that
>the slightest glance, the
>occasional movement, the
>accidental bumps from girls
>are all designed towards him,
>believes it, he's then willing
>to approach and take advantage
>of every opportunity since
>they're basically "INVITING"
>him to talk to them, even if
>it IS mostly in his mind.

This is what makes him good. Period.


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