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Field Report: Bringing little Asian sluts home 101

mASF post by Mister Corporate

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Field Report: Bringing little Asian sluts home 101
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mASF post by "Mister Corporate"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, June 6, 2005

It's 3AM and the four of us are walking down Richmond: yours truly, Crazy Serb,
Styling2Perfeciton and Urban Playboy. Ahead of us is a short Asian chick in her
late teens, about a 7.5 (8.5 on ASF). She walks up to us and greets us, as
apparently her and Styling have met before. As i later found out, she met him
at a club, asked him to buy her a water, and he refused. Hahah right on man!

So she joins us and we continue walking down the street. The chick turned out
to be pretty messed up, as she admitted to doing a lot of drugs, drinking, etc.
I figured she'd be an easy lay and decided to hook Styling up. Even though i
hardly said anything to her before, i just looked at her and asked her how many
times she fucked him. None? What the hell is she waiting for?

Minutes later, her and Styling are walking ahead of the rest of us. Perfect.
We're walking behind them and i'm telling the guys that we might need to help
Styling extract her off the streets by bringing her to eat with us, and then
dropping the two of them off at his place. Unfortunately, something goes wrong
between the two of them, Styling completely loses interest in her and goes

The chick goes into a convenience store to buy smokes and the three of us (me,
Serb and Playboy) are standing outside and trying to decide who's gonna fuck
her. Mind you, up to this point, i've said a grand total of 5 sentences to this
chick, yet somehow i know that she's mine if i want her. Surely enough, she
walks out of the store and asks for a ride home. Sure thing babe! MY home!

I was hungry, so we went to grab some food. She sat in front of me, but i
simply pointed at the chair to my side and said "You. Here." in a commanding
tone. She obliged. It should be noted that this is a good example of the way i
treated her the entire night. Very strong and commanding. Absolute frame

We got the menus and after hearing her hint that we should pay for her meal
several times, i flat-out told her that "guys like us" don't do that. I love
putting chicks back into the "real world" like that. Everything becomes so much
easier when you figure out who you really are and learn to convey that to women
in a way they understand. That's when they begin treating you like a man.

Of course, i did mix it up a bit. There are times when you have to demonstrate
control, and times when you just wanna relax and have a good time. So while the
entire time, the underlying feel of our interaction was that she is under my
full control, most of the time we were just talking and laughing. You have to
show a little bit of your human side, a bit of vulnerability here and there to
allow the chick to connect with you.

We paid the bill and left. First stop was Serb's place, and after dropping him
off, the chick fell asleep on my backseat. Urban's car was parked at my place,
so that's where we headed next. I stopped by the gas station on the way and
grabbed some condoms. Finally, we arrived to my place, parked and got out of
the car.

I shook Playboy's hand and he hopped into his car. Earlier, i had considered
sharing the chick with him, but then realized that we only met her an hour ago
and the odds of that working out were pretty slim. I figured i'd hook him up
with her later, or with one of her friends. So he went off, and i looked at our
little Asian friend who just woke up and was looking a bit confused.

"Aren't i getting a ride home?" Haha my god, did she seriously think that's
what was gonna happen? "You're here. Come in." "But what are you... gonna do to
me... in your big mansion?" I was on top of my stairs at this point and she was
in the bottom. I calmly walked down, grabbed her hand, and lead her in without
saying a thing.

We went into my room, and i hopped on the bed. I've got a leather recliner next
to it, so she landed on that instead. Note to self: move that damn thing to
another room. Haha this happens every time i bring a girl home! Stupid
cockblocking LA-Z-BOY! So of course, i just got up from the bed, picked her up
from the recliner and threw her where i wanted her.

This is actually a key element of my game. When a chick is doing something
that's not in your best interests, take control! Go caveman. Pick her up and
throw her on the bed, take her clothes off, whatever. Make this a habit: if
you're unhappy with what she's doing, simply change what she's doing.

I laid on top of her and realized that she smells like smoke. Once again, i got
up, grabbed her by the hand and dragged her into the bathroom. I picked up a
towel and tossed it to her. "Here." "You want me to shower?" "Yea, you smell
like an ashtray. Hurry up." Hahah, i love my frame and the shit it allowes me
to get away with!

She showered, reapplied her make-up and came out. Better. Or not. She said she
was bleeding and needed a pad. So here i am, at 5 o'clock in the morning,
turning the house inside-out in search of a tampon. I finally found one and
handed it to her with a sense of pride that i had just saved her life... or at
least my sheets :)

So i played a bit with her legs, tits and pussy, but she wouldn't let me go
very far no matter what. Apparently, the thought of getting fucked while she
was bleeding scared the living shit out of her, as did anal sex. Haha man, what
a half-assed party girl? Aren't they supposed to be experienced? I can't
believe she's 19 and has never taken it in the ass!

For a few more hours, we stayed up and talked. I practiced building deep
rapport because i wanted to at least learn something out of this experience. At
10AM, her mom called and gave her a major verbal asskicking for being out this
late. She had to get home and asked me to drive her. I told her to take the bus
and passed out.

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