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For Franco...

mASF post by zarathustra_fi

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For Franco...
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mASF post by "zarathustra_fi"
posted on: alt.seduction.relationships, June 6, 2005

On 6/13/05 8:50:00 PM, putnik wrote:

I came back from weekend and was delight in seeing that there were lot of very
good posts here in Relationships. Jestor started an interesting discussion
about the Double Bind, I will comment that post and also post a post of mine
about the subject. Also I will comment GreenTea123 post about jealousy. I could
not read the others, yet but I will today.

my comments.

>The easiest part for me is
>dropping down the ego. When I
>had thoughts about my GF
>cheating me I felt like my ego
>is broken, i'm not THE MAN and
>similar shitty stuff. After
>day or two of thinking I
>reframed the whole concept
>(even for the future) just by
>letting my ego go. The same
>thing as when you don't care
>whether some random chick at
>club nexts you or not.

I would say that you used reframing techniques to influence your own state and
succeeded in changing it into positive. That gave you back positive and healthy
feelings about yourself. Every factor in the external world influencing
negatively your state is BAD and needs to be reframed as soon as possible
regardless of the cause.

>Now comes he mind blowing
>Situation #1:
>If you don't act all emotional
>and show her that you don't
>care that much all chances are
>that she'll continue to ride
>on that frame you set and that
>she'll start fucking guys left
>and right around you. You see,
>she'll start walking all over
>you. You than become a fucking

I would not say so. We can use the same means women have used for centuries to
put them to worry. The problem here is that you are still in HER frame. We can
learn here from women and steal their frame. The hottest chicks act PROACTIVELY
in regard to mind fucking the guy in the LTR from the beginning and as Neo-Rio
wrote "They never blow up their cover". Now the problem here is that your
frame:"show her that you don´t care" indicates a tendency to react to HER frame
instead of pro actively in the relationship mind fuck her to be CONSTANTLY
WORRIED ABOUT WHAT YOU COULD DO. Also the hottest chicks I know are extremely
CYNICAL about cheating. They will not say it openly but if you learn to read
them "between the lines" you will notice that they do not give a shit if the
guy is cheating or not. Reason 1: they PUT THEIR OWN WELL BEING, OWN POWER AND
OWN STATE ABOVE EVERYTHING, Reason 2: they care only about being proactive in
OWNING the guys` MIND.

>Situation #2:
>You become all emotional. And
>I don't mean that you start to
>feel pity for yourself and
>separate from her for some
>days...That's for whiny
>fucking AFCs. What I have in
>mind is situation where you
>call her on her shit and start
>arguing about that. It's the
>situ where you have quarrels
>from time to time. In that
>case you're showing her that
>she can control you. You're
>showing all your neediness for

If you are talking about her cheating this is the worst one could do. From an
evolutionary point of view things like LTR, FAITHFULNESS, MARRIAGE and
COMMITTEMENT simply DO NOT EXIST. PERIOD. Marriage is a creation of the
socially conditioned part of the brain with the purpose of avoiding the chaos
and the never ending killing which would follow if the evolutionary instinct
would be the only law. I am right now reading about Russian poet Pushkin´s
death. He died in a sword dwell with a French officer who was fucking his wife.
Simple and clear: the guy was stronger and he took his life and his wife.

Is this the word were we want to live? I don´t think so.. But evolutionary
instincts are a reality and this HAS BEEN the world where we HAVE BEEN LIVING
and WILL BE the world were we WILL LIVE as long as we will be under the
influence of our instincts like IDIOTS.

The Alphast of the guys takes all the chicks, that´s it. Period. Woman´s
evolutionary instincts KNOW IT and when she is making you jealous what she is

So the solution to the problem is:
1. Put her to WORRY about exactly the same thing and PROACTIVELY like chicks
do. In a word: shoot first with the mind fucking before she can do it.
2. Honestly and with all your heart DO NOT GIVE A SHIT IF SOMEONE FUCKS HER.
What counts is not if someone fucks her. What really counts is:

A. Can you trust this chick or not? What hurts in cheating is not the
introduction of a foreign dick in her vagina (LOL!) but the BREAKING OF TRUST
B. Nothing SHOULD IMPAIR YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE. There is absolutely nothing
which counts more of your INNER STATE and quality of life.

>It's like either ways you
>lost. But there is a third
>Situation #3:
>You can explain to her that
>now is your turn to fool
>around for a bit.

No, it is even better to tell her from the beginning that you are a player (or
sub-communicate) and keep her ON HER TOES from the beginning. This is exactly
what chicks do with their make-up, short skirts and all the shit, isn´t it? Why
wouldn´t we do the same to them and before they can? After you tell her that
you are a player you can PLAY her by being PROACTIVE exactly like women have
done to men for all the history.

I am getting so much GAIN from telling to my wife from the beginning that I am
a playboy that I am astonished myself about the results (before I did MLTRs,
and before I have been in another tradional marriage where I was almost getting
my former wife dead for resisting her betaising attempts in the wrong way, this
is the first time I use this in a traditional marriage and in the proper way.)

>But what if that turns into
>fuck around contest between
>you two?
>Then LTR ends immidiatelly.

The traditional exclusive LTR/Marriage ends as such and it becomes a open
couple relationship/MLTR/FB. If the relationship itself ends it is not because
of the cheating, it is either because there are no winners in the POWER

>And again you have lost.

Men loose this battle because with their makeup and their short skirts women
tell to them all the time from the beginning:"We are players" and "We are going
to mindfuck you from tbe beginning and keep this frame". If we REVERT THIS WE

>easy if you're in LTR with
>some girl. But what if are in
>a marriage and you have kids
>and stuff? Is there any way
>for keeping the marriage and
>also your status of ALPHA MAN?
>And how can you be sure that
>she won't do it again?

Men will never win the battle in a marriage with kids if they do not take care
of the children in a TOTAL AND DEDICATED WAY so to take away from mothers the
possibility of mindfucking children against the father in a Secret Society

Yesterday I bought my first sexy underwear to my adoptive daughter. She simly
looked at it and asked:"Dad can you buy this?" and me:"Of course Honey". When
we went away from the shop she asked:"Did I blush?" and me:"No Honey, you were
perfect" and hugged her.

Her Russian mother - my wife - is perfect: she lets me to take the role of the
father. But that happens because in that society THE MAN IS THE PRIZE also on
the societal level and because I know how to take the role of THE MAN and at
the same time speak woman´s language and have my wife get huge orgasms on daily
basis. I also shake her from times to times with my "freemindedness". Couple of
months ago I had her almost faint by asking her are we going to smoke
marjuaana. ( I never took drugs in my life: she was behaving little bit like a
spoiled girl when I told that and I just tested her limits by showing how
spoiled I can be:) And this week I was asking her if it is ok to visit
Stockholm´s Swinger club where I have fucked with my former primary in front of
lot of people in the mirror room. I also showed her the pictures of the club
from internet. I told her:"We don´t need to let other touch us if we don´t

That means to be a married PUA who is a Bad Guy and is freely agreeing to be
committed and faithful.. I mean PROACTIVE is the word.

Her former husband, who was a very LOGICAL SCIENTIST and unable to read woman´s
sub-communication, was not that lucky in spite of the fact that he lived in a
country where men are the prize. (well my wife is exceptionally free minded
when compared to local standards ) With a woman from the so called "political
correctness countries" wouldn´t be THAT EASY and you could find yourself as
"single mother" (LOL!) with couple of children and sarging chicks for MLTRs or
having them as FBs if you really want to have ALL THE POWER. If we NEVER try to
take the psychological power away from women we will never win the battle. That
is sad because we are the ones who invented airplanes, telephones, built
skycrapers and so on.

I am 47 years old and I did the choice of looking for a wife from a more
traditional country to avoid having to throw out of my apartment another 100
Finnish chicks. I also did not have children with my former wife so it was
easier. This is for younger guys: take the power from Western women which comes
from taking care of children´s PRIMARY NEEDS if you REALLY WANT TO WIN THE

>There is this question I
>wanted to ask Franco some time
>ago, but now is the chance:
>Let's assume that you do all
>your things right when in
>marriage. I think about all
>this stuff you're writing
>about on this forum. You're
>doing every single thing
>right, and you're clearly
>ALPHA. How can you be sure
>that your woman won't cheat on

No, because in Western countries if one is in the Provider Frame without HER
DOING HER PART OF THE JOB (= be DEDICATED TO HER ALPHA) she can get easily all
your money and then be fucked by another Alpha who is her rebound guy and after
find for herself another Alpha husband who agrees to be betaised in name of the
psychotic institution called MARRIAGE or an AFC husband with money, whatever.


And how can you be sure
>that your woman haven't
>already cheated on you or is
>cheating on this very moment?

No way you can be sure of that. Anyway if you keep fucking her in a satisying
way in daily basis and keep your Alpha frames chances are big (if she is
HEALTHY AND VERY HSE) that seh will not have the LIBIDO (desire) to fuck with
others. But if she is even slightly LSE there is NO WAY TO BE SURE IF SHE
CHEATS OR NOT because not even good sex and good emotional relationship will
keep her from doing that.

>And now to come back on
>original topic, how would you
>act if you discover a thing
>like that, when the milk is
>already spilled?

If she broke my trust she is NEXT in one hour. Impossible to have a good
relationship with a person who broke the trust. Anway I would think that either
1. I screened for an LSE without noticing 2. or if she really is HSE for sure I
missed something in the relationship which was important to notice.

>I think that this is THE MOST
>should learn when dealing with
>woman. Knowing how to fuck a
>lot of chicks is cool but one
>day you'll wish to stop all
>that and you'll arrange
>yourself a marriage.

As Alpha male you never stop hunting. As I said in other posts:"As Alpha male
the only place you can relax is YOUR GRAVE". You can certainly stop fucking
other women if you want to be faithful to her but you cannot RELAX = you need
to subcommunicate that potentially you can fuck all what is around from the
lady of the neighboor to chicks in the next club.

>you're in marriage for about
>15-20 years and have kids, you
>can't just break things up and
>start everything from scratch.

That´s why men have to start to be LEADERS also in regard to children´s CLOSEST
NEEDS. Then she would be the one to leave in case of conflict and pay money for

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"Sarge Est Necesse, Vivere Necesse Non Est " Gnaeus Pompeius, revised

>And I don't know how many of
>you would like to do so,
>"There are no rejections -
>just shit tests"

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