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Hey you! Shut up!

mASF post by PlayerSupreme

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Hey you! Shut up!
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mASF post by "PlayerSupreme"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

It is interesting to see that others have drawn the same conclusion:

“My best successes have come from first meets where I sat back and hardly said
anything. Yes, I direct the conversation by introducing topics etc but leave
most of the talking to the chick. I don't act too impressed either, no matter
how hard she tries.”


Spitting (conversating) your game on a woman takes no real skills. Just take an
active interest in her life story and her needs and you will have ton’s of
women at your beck and call literally. I am walking proof of this. As you’ve
seen my proof in my IM convo’s and Emails.

If you act like a nobody and put yourself down, others will treat you like a
nobody and put you down too. But when you come from a position of power, others
will treat you that way. That is what I ment when I told someone recently that
I don’t get used as an emotional tampon when I conversate with a woman.


Let me start by stating an obvious fact. Bitches love to talk. Go anywhere, ie
a coffee shop, lunch, chat rooms and you will find the truth of this statment.
So I have found that the art of the mouth piece isn't being able to converse
with them as much as it's being able to give the impression that you are truely
listening. Before you mutha fucka's start. I am not talking about becoming a
The only way to get her life story is to do active listening. I know we fella's
hate to listnen to bitches blather on & on about nothing of substance to US,
that's why I said "give the impression" that your listening.

For you shy mutha fuckas like I used to be...fuck that. You don't have to be
afraid to listen. They love to talk, just bring the two of you together and
there you go. Todays special is pussy on the platter served to your perfection"
A bitch will do anything once you get control over her funky ass.
The whole time your managing the bitch. Letting her talk her way into your web.
Remember your not a symp who ends up in the FRIEND catagory you gotta get those
panties also. That's what I mean by managing.


ZenMack: whats craccin
ZenMack: playboy
Cpr 4: sup PLAYER
ZenMack: how's that honey
ZenMack: you getting into her head yet
Cpr 4: we talked last night
ZenMack: for how long
Cpr 4: she tried to dig into my life
ZenMack: no no no no
Cpr 4: 45 minutes
ZenMack: and double no
ZenMack: ok and did you get that story
Cpr 4: I kept trying to turn it back to her
ZenMack: dig out all those secrets
ZenMack: good
Cpr 4: like what secrets
Cpr 4: she was married for ten years
ZenMack: always be a mystery
ZenMack: yeah



“1. Stop chasing them”

HE IS DEFINITELY ON THE PATH. Ho chasin as I call it.


If you meet up with a chick and don't "chase" it does so many of the right

Makes you the selector
Makes you cooler - higher status
Stops you coming across as needy
Makes you look more alpha
Gives her work to do
Gives you value.


This is for the brotha who asked me privately about how to fake it*
So how do you act like a international pimp?
Imagine how you would behave toward the bitch if you had 8 other ho’s waiting
in line to fulfill your needs right then. Imagine if these ho’s were just
waiting for you to call to throw some pussy at you then you:
1. You act smooth as shit, cocky confident and super sure of your self. This
alone sets them panties to burning.
2. You play hard to get. This is also a disquised test to see if your like
those other symps who wanna just fuck.
3. You exude confidence, because it doesn’t matter what she thinks of yo ass
you got 8 other ho’s who think highly of you and will drink your spew from a
champaine glass.
4. You let her ass do most of the work. Buy “me” a drink bitch. This shit
really works too.
5. You spit some game at her but she has to meet you more than half way in the
6. If she said something stupid like she doesn’t sleep with someone on the
first date,. You tell the bitch she’s gotta do better than that. “You gotta do
better than that baby” , yo’ big ass is going to have to do better than that
7. If she declines, you walk the fuck away first. I did this with that Russian
bitch I met last week. She thought a nigga was going to jump through hoops
(tried to test me to see if I would symp the fuck out). I walked the fuck away
from her, and went to talk to another ho’, like I stated in another post who do
you think she went to at the end of the evening?
8. If you do grace the bitch with some of your valuable time, you set your
tolerance low. You ass is a pimp, your not going to sit there for hours and
listen to her babbling shit about the starving children of the world. “baby
this has been real but I gots things to do.” Seriously direct that convo where
you want it to go.
9. When she says or does something stupid point that shit out. Make fun of her
silly ass. I am a master of this shit. I can impersonate people to a tee and
believe me when I get done making fun of dime ass bitches they know who their
daddy is.
10. If you don’t agree with the bitch on something step the fuck up and say so.
I told this fine sista a few weeks ago she was full of shit. She thought she
was so hot because she knows Danny Glover and works for him on occasion with
her PR company projects. Hell bitch I know the business too, I’m not impressed.
Wanna impress me take my black dick and swallow every last inch of it and not
gag, shit.
11. One of Paradise’s jewels. Compliment the bitch sparingly or if at all.
12. When you do grace a ho with your eye presence, you look at her as if you
are evaluating or appraising the bitch. Keep that wolf under raps. Essentially
you are appraising her for her chances to hang with YOU. See that shit on eye
contact fellas.

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