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mASF post by Cascade

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mASF post by "Cascade"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

On 6/5/05 3:14:04 AM, x-code wrote:

>I think you're somewhat mixing
>*internalization* of PU (which
>is definitely
>a great thing) and adopting a
>playboy lifestyle (which might
>fit perfectly
>some guys but not all of us)
>by speaking about "lifestyle"
>(or I just
>misunderstand this word in
>English :-). Still, on your

I don't mean internalisation of PU technique and philosophy specifically, more
a mindset that you keep, where PU is part of your lifestyle. 'playboy
lifestyle' is open to interpretation, but if you mean a lifestyle where you
often talking hot chicks, then that is exactly what I mean. :)

>Agree completely, sarging
>should not be something you do
>"on the schedule"

Intentionally is ok but I don't think it's a good thing to have the mentality
that it's only done intentionally at distinct times (oh it's Friday and it's
9pm, I am a PUA until 2am when I become AFC again and my taxi turns into a

>Again, agree completely, and I
>should add that
>internalization of the game
>also contributes to the
>confidence, as well as making
>a PU a natural thing
>in one's life makes him much
>more congruent (hey, he does
>it all the time)

Yeah true.

>It's somewhat special IMO. You
>should be working on grooming
>and appearance,
>first of all, *for yourself*,
>because you respect yourself
>and know how much
>you cost on the life's price
>list :-) You are the prize,
>even if there are
>no girls at the moment one
>thousand miles around.

True, although if no girls were in one thousand miles I guarantee I would not
shave as often. :) But basically my point is that where it's part of your
lifestyle then decent grooming should just come naturally all the time, not
just at sarging time.

On 6/6/05 8:27:00 AM, Choumoux wrote:
>I agree Cas (especially as I
>haven't yet managed to make it
>a lifestyle, and see daily how
>logistics/ mood/ energy
>/peacock etc could totally
>participate to an upward
>spiral or virtuous circle to
>use your idea).

Yes, that's it exactly. Like how people spiral into depression when they take
on the mindset that depression is part of their lifestyle, i.e. they are a
'depressed person' instead of a person who happens to be depressed at that
time. So that mindset leads to other things, I'm a depressed person so I walk
slouched, look sad etc. Works for good stuff too might as well take advantage
of it, it's clearly a pretty effective system given the prevenlace of
depression and other such things that are born of a mindset.

>and hairdo handled. Still
>working on improving my sense
>of fashion (ahum!) and other
>logistics deriving NATURALLY
>from a lifestyle. (= a system
>that automatically gets you to
>make the best choices, without
>much effort or hesitation).

Bingo, you are definitely with me here which is great because I'm not always
good at explaining things.

>ยค PU Lifestyle.
>Lifesyle, as i get it from
>your post Cas (and it's been
>slightly misunderstood by the
>previous poster maybe) is just
>a constant / congruent /
>lasting way of being/doing
>things. Having an effective PU
>lifestyle doesn't necessarily
>mean having a "playboy
>lifestyle". There are
>connotations to that term...

Basically, this is the best way I find to view it. It's not like there is any
pressure or compulsion to be constantly sarging or else bad things will happen
to your game, it's just what you do. That's not to say that you should not do
100 sets a week if that's what you like to do.

>... and if guys here are
>anything like me, they may be
>frightened, to some extent, by
>the idea of a "playboy
>lifestyle". But a PU
>lifestyle, like Cas is subtly
>referring to, is more

Yes this is a good point that I did not think of. A point Spirit made to me
clarifying what I said better, is that PU is PART of your lifestyle, not your
whole lifestyle. But I agree that looking at it like this does not imply you
should be getting a certain result or at a certain level therefore it can be
applied by anyone. Again, not to say you can't set goals or push yourself if
you want to: the main thing is the mentality behind it.

Thanks for the replies dudes.

cas***2@ya***[ ? ]

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