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mASF post by Choumoux

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mASF post by "Choumoux"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

I agree Cas (especially as I haven't yet managed to make it a lifestyle, and
see daily how logistics/ mood/ energy /peacock etc could totally participate to
an upward spiral or virtuous circle to use your idea).

The two ideas i get here are:

¤ Raise your own standards.
It's not totally alien to what girls usually do, as a constant and almost
paranoid ritual, spending a huge part of their life improving their physical
perfection (make up, hairdo, dressing, jewelry, perfume, hygiene). We can do
that. For instance, i think that i have the hygiene, teeth and hairdo handled.
Still working on improving my sense of fashion (ahum!) and other logistics
deriving NATURALLY from a lifestyle. (= a system that automatically gets you to
make the best choices, without much effort or hesitation).

¤ PU Lifestyle.
Lifesyle, as i get it from your post Cas (and it's been slightly misunderstood
by the previous poster maybe) is just a constant / congruent / lasting way of
being/doing things. Having an effective PU lifestyle doesn't necessarily mean
having a "playboy lifestyle". There are connotations to that term...

... and if guys here are anything like me, they may be frightened, to some
extent, by the idea of a "playboy lifestyle". But a PU lifestyle, like Cas is
subtly referring to, is more attainable.

Carped Diem

27yo PUA in training - Master KJ - Parislair:

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