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Re: Lifestyle

mASF post by x-code

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Re: Lifestyle
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mASF post by "x-code"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005


I think you're somewhat mixing *internalization* of PU (which is definitely
a great thing) and adopting a playboy lifestyle (which might fit perfectly
some guys but not all of us) by speaking about "lifestyle" (or I just
misunderstand this word in English :-). Still, on your items:

>- More options

Agree completely, sarging should not be something you do "on the schedule"

>- Confidence
>- Congruence

Again, agree completely, and I should add that internalization of the game
also contributes to the confidence, as well as making a PU a natural thing
in one's life makes him much more congruent (hey, he does it all the time)

>- Grooming and appearance

It's somewhat special IMO. You should be working on grooming and appearance,
first of all, *for yourself*, because you respect yourself and know how much
you cost on the life's price list :-) You are the prize, even if there are
no girls at the moment one thousand miles around.

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