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Yup, Tyler, I flew to Thailand to get laid.

mASF post by Golgo

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Yup, Tyler, I flew to Thailand to get laid.
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mASF post by "Golgo"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

Yes, Tyler, it's true. I flew half way around the world to get laid.

How fucking pathetic is that?

Well ... it's not as bad as it might sound, it's still pretty bad, but here's
the story:

While visiting California, I actually had a few opportunities to get laid. And
looking back on my life, there were AMPLE times where the girl was literally
giving herself to me ... yet I would always resort to some
sensitive-new-age-guy-dare-I-touch-her mindset.

I remember one girl in college, 9+ stripper (posed for playboy). I was driving
home from a fetish party she invited me too ... and from the back seat of my
old honda civic, she sighed ...

"I'm so wet right now."

I proceeded to drive her home, and say goodnight. She actually looked at me
with pleading eyes as she kissed my hand goodnight.

I'm not making this up.

There were MANY, MANY such instances in my life. And as I was contemplating
taking a Juggler seminar (I always really liked his writing style) for $1000
dollars. I asked myself ...

What was the problem here?

Was it attracting women?

No, I've never visited LA. And I'm certain it would be discouraging. But in my
life, there has always been beautiful girls around.

Was it a lack of material to draw from?

Nah ... I've taught English in many places. I've got tons of stories ranging
from battling earthquakes in Japan, Typhoons in Korea, and the Sea God at a
nude beach in Vancouver (bastard stole my clothes).

So it occurred to me, the big problem I had, the circuit breaker in all my
relations so far:

Actual sex.

(I once had a girlfriend in college for 1 year. And we never had sex. We slept
together, but no sex. We were both too shy.)

I'm not sure how much of a problem this is for you other guys, but I realized I
was scared of fucking a girl. And this was reflected in all my interactions
with women. Gunwitch talks about holding a sexual state ... I was so insecure
that anytime I talked with a girl, I could actually feel my balls and dick draw
up into my body.

So I realized I would hit the nail on the head. Why spend four hours a night on
your approach IF you are giving off some sort of asexual, eunuch vibe?

Basic seduction model:


I decided I would start with the "Fuck" first, and work my way back.

Guess what?

It's working.

I've fucked about a half dozen chicks in the last couple weeks. It's difficult
to get rid of them. Now they are pinching and poking me, swatting me in the
head ... when they see me with another girl. And the HB9 I was working on
tonight (they are not all hookers here) said:

"I saw you many times. To be honest, I didn't like you. You seemed like a
butterfly (a somewhat derogatory term towards men who womanize). But I really
wanted to meet you."

(I saw her in a plaid micro-mini skirt, dancing on a table. Made eye contact,
clinked here drink with my water, smiled and told her: "Lets talk." I rock. One
of my friends watched in amazement at the 12 second pick up.)

Now, again, this is Thailand. But you don't forget these experiences, and I'm
anchoring them as well!! Of course, the relationships here seem to be a real
headache, and one night stands are pretty much monopolized by the hookers. So
I'm in a little bit of a dilemma. But that all said, my primary purpose for
coming to Thailand was getting over my fear of having sex with women.

I urge many to consider a trip to Thailand. I don't believe a kid who has had
maybe one or two girlfriends in his life can give off the aura of a sexually
confident man. It's possible, I suppose, but for the price of a workshop you
can literally sleep with 50 of the hottest chicks on the planet here.

(all at once, or one at a time. Your choice. Personally, I've stayed away from
the hooking scene to the best of my ability, but it has been ... difficult.
Particularly when the young, saucy HB with legs smooth as glass, snuggles up to
you and whispers:

"For you, free.")

Sorry for the long ramble, but thought I'd post this even though its very
poorly written.


(ps And this is not to say that the seminars and such are not excellent ideas.
My problem was an insecurity with my sexuality. I was raised by my mother and
sister, no father. I suspect this was a real mind fuck for a young guy who
directly, or indirectly, learned to distance himself from his masculinity. But
that's the nice thing about growing up, huh? We get to take responsibility for

Sorry for the preaching.)

(pps I'd like to respond to some of the other comments, but I really think I've
posted too much as it is. Thailand is fascinating in that sex is not something
that can be used to barter with. Little known fact, 90% of the sex trade here
is from Thai men, not foreigners. It's a very promiscuous culture. So even the
good girls "put out" relatively quickly, as there is just too much competition
not to. I'm in Chiang Mai, currently, there are 160,000 residents, 20,000 are
hookers. There are also elite little cliques here, which I am working my way
into. I'll keep you all updated.)

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