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Technique for trains: Gentleman seat give up?

mASF post by devilishly

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Technique for trains: Gentleman seat give up?
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mASF post by "devilishly"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

I have successfully on many occasions given up my seat to a HB, opened her and
#closed her on public transportation. It's all about the initial intent (not
being another pickup threat to her) that you show her. If you give her a big
smile when she walks up with the big puppy dog (chump) eyes you are sunk right
off the bat.

You need to stay seated until she is standing by you. You need to cast a hard
annoyed glance at her, the turn away and look out the window like you don't
give a f-ck if she stands all day. After you've neg-ed her alittle bit by
ignoring her for a few minutes, stand up, she'll naturally have to look at you
and in a neutral but annoyed way you need to say something like "Go ahead" and
motion with an open palm to the seat. You need to act like you're not thrilled
and you really don't give a flying f-ck about her but you're bound obligation
and you'd do it for a little old lady.

After that you need to neg ignore her or show dis-interest by not even glancing
at her while maintaining strong but closed off from her body language. If she
really has a HB mentality she will have noticed that you could care less about
her hot looks and this will interest her or allow her to feel comfortable. So
you need to continue the show of hard disinterest for awhile, then you need to
slowly relax and look comfortable while you still ignore her.

Keep looking out the window, maybe smile alittle bit more at something you saw
(pretend damn you!) and giggle and continue to soften up. At this point, she
should feel comfortable and non threatened by you, you're the mysterious nice
man on the bus that gave up your seat but didn't hit on her. You need to look
for EU or even better check your mobile phone or watch for the time. If she
mirrors, she's tuned into you.

You need to remember HB's are used to tons of attention in public places. If
you don't drool over them like everyone other joe blow, they notice it and you!
If you can't control yourself around HB's, pretend you're gay or you only like
the fatties, so when you talk to her you won't drool all over them. If you
pretend those things when you talk to a HB, you'll keep your cool because you
know that she doesn't have the right place (hmmm hahah maybe not) or fold to
stick it in.

Look for her flaws, don't yield or bow to her, she farts and her sh!t stinks.
She's a human being. So treat her like one, she's nothing that special and shes
probably boring too. I was in a LTR with a SHB (9.5+) for two years. She was
f-ing disgusting. She started to fart around me all the time, pick her nose,
adjust herself and take sh!ts in front of me when I was shaving. Trust me,
after their makeup comes off they are probably more disgusting than you are.

So think of all this when you open her- it's an non afc way. Remember
this, after you've ignored her for awhile by not drooling all over her or being
a pick up threat to her, her bitch shield has to come down. She gets
comfortable with her surroundings and with you by default (social trust).
So.... a neutral (indirect) opener (without supplication) can usually start a
good conversation and lead to a #close if you follow the player guide.

Now that I think of this, you new guys out there shouldn't try this. It in a
way violates the 3sec rule... but I guess not really because you've ignored her
until you caught an interest... hmmm... any thoughts anyone?

Women don't deserve to be on pedestals any longer, so put yourself on it and
don't step off it for any woman except your mom.

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