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Good tip for newbies! How I changed in only 5 min!

mASF post by RENO_PUA

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Good tip for newbies! How I changed in only 5 min!
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mASF post by "RENO_PUA"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, June 6, 2005

I'm reading this asf for about 8 months and now I would like to tell you
something very good about the way I radically changed in the last 2 years (I
was introduced to the seduction material about 2 years ago) and specially the
last three months when I made a simple but big change In order to be a PUA.

I will try to resume my 2 year life experience with the seduction material to
not waste too much time from you.

Well, I have 25 years old, live in Fortaleza, Brazil, a 2 million city. Very
good place with tons of girls from white, latin, to black ones. Americans and
Europeans AFCs love Fortaleza because this is a very inexpensive and full of
latin sluts place, Fortaleza is known internacionally by your sexual tourism.
But this is the dark side of the city, if you are a PUA you'll be mad here,
there is too much girls. Write me if you wanna visit Brazil!

Well, I was introduced do the seduction material by a friend who gave a
brazilian book, a translation from many seduction stuff, something very similar
to the fs101 player guide. I started from this, I learned too many things, with
fastseduction I learned much more.

**** How I changed in only 5 minutes ***

But, like many AFCs, I started to build more skills in a slow way. I never gave
up the fs world and always realized that the practice is something very
important and, like many other newbies, I studied much more than practiced.

One day, about 3 months ago, I was in a nightclub (I don't know the exact word
in english... It's not dance clubs, It's more like big clubs where about 5000
to 10000 people watch rock shows, but it's a type of popular music similar to
country, where we can dance in pairs), I love these places cause there you have
too much girls and you have good space to escape from a girl I kiss closed and
go to another target where I can sarge without the other girl see (there's
something wrong in this thinking???). I was in my classical stuck situation,
only watching and drinking something. At this time my friends wasn't with me,
each one was walking around. I realized that I was alone, no friends, no
girls... I remind some alleatory stuff I read in ASF and decide "TO GO FOR IT"
using all my inside power, I decide that "if I didn't do anything, nothing I
would gain!", I decide that "I should jump trough the window without looking".
At this moment I knew that the power was with me and that I was not an AFC!!!
At this time I started to using direct mode, something very similar to
everything gunwitch and razorjack uses, with all girls that I caught some IOI,
and there was too much girls giving signals because they are very efficient in
detecting when an alpha male is around.

Than I k-closed about 5 girls in one hour when the party finished, I was
completely mad (or normal, hehehehhehe), I was not paying atention to guys with
them, I could open girls in groups with guys...

It's something really like Star Wars film, I discovered the Jedi power (or PUA
power?!), It's inside of you, but you have to know how to activate... than the
power will guide automaticaly to what you want. Any newbie probaly will ask me
what to do in the practice, out of theory. But, this is not theory, It's inner
game, you have to know how to start your mind. When your brain starts It'll do
everything for you! Only you can do this!

This thing can be done like I did, my mind only started to work when I said to
her what to do: GO! Do anythig to me! Don't look for the consequences! Than my
mind did what I asked... The brain works at this way, you only need to say what
is you objective, all the hard work is problem of your brain... Sarging alone
is a good way to increase your concentration and state control.

I never liked many of the newbie recommendations from the seduction stuff like
the Hi method, talk in a friendly way to many girls, etc... these methods many
times disappoint the AFC and than he abandon the seduction world thinking he
will never be a PUA. The DIRECT MODE is the good method for newbies and for
everybody (also PUAs who uses indirect mode, when closes the girls starts using
"direct mode" in some way), I don't know too much about direct mode, but I
loved every word that Gunwitch and Razorjack said in his posts and book.

You have to throw yourself in the girls arms... go there, with all your mind
power on, put your arm in his waist, say she is stunning and other shits,
really like her, and than close the target. No complex theories for newbies.

If you doesn't got enough power you can use the excellent suggestion from
Gunwitch... Do all this thing in steps, many steps, first look to the target,
take the first step in her direction, 2nd, 3rd,... ..., when you finally stay
in front of her, look to her eyes, small smile, ... .. ... and then go on.
Obviously, all these steps are in your mind, everythin is done in normal real
world speed or at least in a speed not too slow from the normal.

For me, direct method guided me to the holy grail, when I read the Gunwitch and
RazorJack method I felt like going out from the Matrix. Best of all, I knew
that these methods were exactly what I thought I could do... eg: I never saw in
a logic way saying HI to everybody in mall. They are there buyind shits, not
knowing new people... It's very hard to a newbie do this! So read what
Gunwitch, Razorjack and many other direct PUAs have to say!

Remember, I'm a newbie too, I would love to receive sugestions, comments and

Actually, I already have difficulty to "start my mind state", many times I stay
stuck and can't go in the right state, I will appreciate another tips about
this. I also will appreciate comments from Gunwitch and Razorjack and others
direct PUAs.


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