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evidence these techniques work?

mASF post by formhandle

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evidence these techniques work?
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mASF post by "formhandle"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2005

Almost everything on this site, save for clueless newbie posts
(blind-leading-blind), has been tested and found to work, but not in the sense
of repeating the words verbatim but in the sense of the structure and why and

Of course, you can completely not take my word for it and just go out and find
out if they work for yourself. Some people will say ABC works, some will say
only XYZ works, some will say only a combination of TTT and BBB will work. Go
out and try stuff, get some experience. Then you'll know.

CNoyes wrote:

>Hey guys, I'm an RAFC. 20
>years old. I've read through
>the player guide, most of the
>other suggested reading, and
>I'm working on approaching
>more. Currently, I'm working
>on GWM.
>I'm curious if the techniques
>that are explained in the
>player guide have been
>'tested.' What evidence is
>there that the techniques such
>as mirroring, eliciting
>values, trance words,
>patterning, etc. don't just
>have the placebo effect of
>getting you to approach?

What does it matter? If you do something and it gets a reaction, all that
should matter to you is whether the reaction worked to your favor or not.
Either you'll learn from it and do better next time or you'll know whether it
makes sense for you and to bother with it again or not. We're not all built
the same and don't all put ourselves in the same exact scenarios so, logically,
not everything will work for everyone in an equal way.

>I'm asking because of the post
>I read where Gunwitch
>discussed his success rate:
>"Ive banged maybe 75 women
>using psychological/verbal
>based SS style seductions
>from maybe 500 approaches. Ive
>recently started doing
>something else, my
>"gunwitch method»", email me if
>you want it for free. My new
>method has bagged
>me 20 or so women from 25 or
>so approaches."

Stop right there. Anyone giving you #'s of their approaches & turnovers, no
matter who they are, Gunwitch, Mystery, Ross, whover, is touting THEMSELVES
doing what they do in the scenarios they put themselves in. You are not
Gunwitch or Mystery or Ross or David DeAngelo. Therefore, you must figure out
whether the kind of stuff they have even applies to you and then the only thing
left to do is try stuff on your own and see what happens.

>75 women in 500 approaches? If
>those are success rates to be
>expected with patterning, etc.
>I might as well just walk up
>to 500 girls and say, "Nice
>shoes, wanna fuck?" and
>probably get similar results.

That's a really myopic view of things, don't you think? Such a comment is a
joke and can't be taken seriously.

>And honestly, if I can whip
>this problem of not getting
>off my ass and approaching,
>I'm sure I could do better
>than that before reading
>anything on this site.

So try. Why are you ranting? If you don't already know then you're not
approaching, and if you're not approaching then you will have no real
understanding of the dynamics of % of turnover or anything like that. Once you
do start approaching, you will realize you need a game plan to get anywhere and
improve your turnover. You can either build a gameplan for yourself and
improve it through massive amounts of time in the field garnering experience,
or you can save some time by trying out the plans and methods of other people
which will get you closer to your goal a little faster than doing this all on
your own.

>So I am also curious what
>peoples success rates are,
>what techniques they use, and
>how long they've been at it.

You're asking the wrong thing. Why don't you first describe yourself as well
as you can, what part of the country you live in, what kind of girls you like,
what kind of venues you want to have more success in, etc etc and then ask guys
who are most similar to you and who have similar interests and goals what they
do. Because if you don't filter your question that way first, you are going to
get 25 different answers from 25 different people and will have no way to
assess what is most applicable to you.

>Guys, please don't take this
>post the wrong way; as an
>attack or any kind of insult,
>because it's not. I just want
>to know which techniques have
>been proven with numbers. (Not
>just a LR here or there.)

It all depends on who you ask and how you ask it and also will it even matter
because we are all different in one way or another so one guy's 10 chicks out
of 50 might sound great but they could all be 6ish quality freaks, another
guy's 1 out of 100 might seem outrageous but that 1 might be a true 10 worthy
of LTR, another guy's might be best for random yet consistent social circle
lays, another guy's stuff might relate more to club than street, another guy's
stuff might only work after lots of practice, another guy's stuff might work
right away but require persistence and greater numbers.

>I'm especially interested in
>some input from Gunwitch (or
>people who use GWM), sounds
>like your onto something.

Ask Gunwitch.

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