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evidence these techniques work?

mASF post by WacoM

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evidence these techniques work?
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mASF post by "WacoM"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2005

You are the first person (from what I see) to bring this topic up. It is
interesting to me.
But like most tutorials, if you want to know if it is real just go and try em
out. From what I heard, and found out myself 95% of the player guide is filled
with crap.
I suggest you read the forum more then you do the guide.

Success rate really depends on a multitude of variables
-body language
-etc etc etc

For me, what really works is:
Fluff-->light kino-->C&F-->kino-->C&T/Rapport-->Strong Kino-->#/k/@ close

Occasionally I would do the "roller coaster" story, or trance words but it
really depends.

EDIT: BTW, what do you mean by "My GWM method"? Explain a bit more. I can't
even see your email.... :P

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People I trust: ijjjjji, ox, loverboy...more to come.

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