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evidence these techniques work?

mASF post by CNoyes

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evidence these techniques work?
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mASF post by "CNoyes"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2005

Hey guys, I'm an RAFC. 20 years old. I've read through the player guide, most
of the other suggested reading, and I'm working on approaching more. Currently,
I'm working on GWM.

I'm curious if the techniques that are explained in the player guide have been
'tested.' What evidence is there that the techniques such as mirroring,
eliciting values, trance words, patterning, etc. don't just have the placebo
effect of getting you to approach?

I'm asking because of the post I read where Gunwitch discussed his success

"Ive banged maybe 75 women using psychological/verbal based SS style seductions
from maybe 500 approaches. Ive recently started doing something else, my
"gunwitch method»", email me if you want it for free. My new method has bagged
me 20 or so women from 25 or so approaches."

75 women in 500 approaches? If those are success rates to be expected with
patterning, etc. I might as well just walk up to 500 girls and say, "Nice
shoes, wanna fuck?" and probably get similar results. And honestly, if I can
whip this problem of not getting off my ass and approaching, I'm sure I could
do better than that before reading anything on this site.

So I am also curious what peoples success rates are, what techniques they use,
and how long they've been at it.

Guys, please don't take this post the wrong way; as an attack or any kind of
insult, because it's not. I just want to know which techniques have been proven
with numbers. (Not just a LR here or there.)

I'm especially interested in some input from Gunwitch (or people who use GWM),
sounds like your onto something.

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