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The problem with ASF

mASF post by swordfish

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The problem with ASF
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mASF post by "swordfish"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2005

I think the greatest problem for the newbies that come to this site is the
player guide or the f.a.q they find here.
In my opinion it is far too overcomplicating and it turns something that should
be natural into rocket science.
I used to read the guide one year ago, and some of its content can be helpful,
but most of it is crap.
The 3 seconds rule,Trance words,Eliciting values,Mirroring,opinion
Do you really think this will get you laid?
I don't really see the difference between the guys you see using this kind of
stuff and what you call AFCs. You are both ACTING to get something out of it.
You are always expecting an outcome. Tell me what is the difference between
sending flowers and using trance words??
I'm not blaming this website for anything, just a part of it. I think there is
some material here that is excellent.
I think it would help someone much more to read good posts like "The Transition
to Natural Game» ", "Rewriting the Rules " or "Simplifying ASF concepts" to get
the right mindset than to read this ASF guide. Withthis right mindset it is
experience and social interaction which is going to give you the success you
People who regularly interact with others pick up a versatility that allows
them to understand the dynamics and uncertainties that arise. They can manage
to fit in to unfamiliar circumstances and recognize quickly what hurdles to
jump and what ones to just run around. Recognizing and overcoming variability
is the critical factor.
To me one of the biggest misconceptions that I find people on here believing is
that their is a magical formula that will always work. In real life that is
never the truth. People always react differently and interactions are usually
situational. I think this is something that people gain upon experience.
Learning and adapting is undervalued by tips and techniques. These are not
foolproof methods but rather are just possible plans of actions.
Of the people who I know that are really good with women I cannot think of one
who has not failed. Their failures do not lead to self pity parties about how
hard they tried without success but instead are used as learning experiences.If
you had video footage of your attempts you can look back and analyze them since
failures always produce valuable insights. Learning is critical. Learn who you
target, why you target and how you target. Adapting to the circumstance and
quickly determining the cost to benefit analysis will always be the best

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