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manuva‘s rant on asf and alpha male confidence 101

mASF post by n3rv1

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manuva‘s rant on asf and alpha male confidence 101
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mASF post by "n3rv1"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

This is a decent post, and I agree with a lot of what you're saying. Being
"extreme" is another way to grow a pair of balls. Balls help a guy get laid.

What I don't like is your general disdain for the community. Yeah a lot of
guys post total bullshit, because they are simply projecting what they read in
inspirational literature, or what they read in the archives, NOT their personal
experience. We call these analysizers and bullshitters "KJs", or "keyboard

KJs APPEAR to make up the bulk of the mASF readership. Wanna know why? Two
reasons as I see it: 1) these guys post the most, because they are either
PROJECTING, or else they are honestly lost and looking for answers, and 2)
there is an INDUSTRY built around feeding the fears and insecurities of guys
who aren't getting laid enough -- workshops, seminars, audio/video series,
eBooks, you name it. There's a lot of money to be had swindling chumps. This
creates an atmosphere of the kind of whacked-out over-analysis that you point
out in the beginning of your post.

This is not everyone, nor is it what the community stands for in my opinion. I
like to believe that there is a silent majority reading this forum that agrees
that rationalizing sexuality and making up a "playbook" or designing a
"toolbox" of silly antics to run on women is not only a waste of time, but
detrimental to a guy's natural, masculine sex drive.

It APPEARS as if mASF is a forum of slobbering geeks trying to think their way
into girls' pants, but appearances can be deceiving, so don't go jumping to
conclusions here.

Overall though, I like your perspective. Simply having some balls, pushing
your personal boundaries of what you think is possible, and just getting out
there without FEAR of either other men or your own sexuality is what REAL game
is about.

Now manuva, you say that when you go to bars/clubs you do whatever you want,
etc. My question to you is, do you do daytime, SOBER street PU? In my
opinion, any jackass can go to a bar and pull ass... that's what every chump in
the world does, aside from social circle seduction and trolling online
personals, to get laid. What I consider to be REAL game, what is truly an
out-of-the-ordinary experience that is worth focusing on, is picking up and
laying chicks from outside bars, clubs, social circles, or online personals.
If you are well-versed in this field, I strongly suggest you post about your
experiences and share your knowledge in this regard.

Also, have you read GWM? Much of what you say about doing something to get
your adrenaline/testosterone pumping is touched on in GWM: skydiving, bungee
jumping, boxing, being in shape, etc. If you aren't familiar with it, go to and have a read. Gunwitch's writing is the most
widely read and applied material on this forum, and I think his approach to
seduction will give you a MUCH better impression of the community than reading
the player guide or the majority of the crap posted on this forum.

Hope to see you posting more...

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