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mASF post by Delta Male

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mASF post by "Delta Male"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, April 4, 2005

Have any of you guys actually read the Player Guide lately?
I mean, I know we all tell new guys who ask dumb questions to GFTOW and RTFM,
but have you actually read it lately?

This was inspired by a post on the Boston Lair, where a newbie was told to RTFM
after asking a basic question about a shit-test, and I realized that I hadn't
read the manual myself in over two years. I thought it was great back when I
read it, but I could barely remember what was in it anymore.

Some of the basic stuff, like "Be the Alpha/Dominant Male" and "Women are
looking for Great Sex" would be good for new guys to see. Also, stuff about
using kino, not talking about conspiracy theories during fluff talk, etc would
all be good stuff for a newbie to know.

But there's lots of stuff in TFM which is frankly, awful. It comes from the bad
old days of uASF where the gurus were NLP weirdos who's solution to everything
was another canned pattern. Lots of the stuff in there conceivably could work
for some guys...but they're frankly really unneccesary, and a direct approach
would work just as well if not better.

For example, from TFM, the dramatic approach:

I was driving along when I saw this goddess waiting for the bus. I slammed the
brakes, put my blinkers on, left the car in the middle of the street and
quickly ran to her. The whole commotion got her attention but it wasn't
complete until she realized that all this is for her. I simply went up to her
and said:

"Has anyone ever told you that you are so beautiful that you can stop traffic?
Because you just did. I never do anything like this, but I saw you from my car
and I knew that if I don't do something I may never have the opportunity to
find out the name of a girl so beautiful."

"I'm Michelle," she said. From that moment on she was already swept away
knowing the length someone would go just to find out her name. Needless to say,
I parked my car quickly, and went for a coffee with her where I had the
opportunity to lay it on thick

You really don't need to risk a ten-car pileup in order to meet a chick. Also,
there's lots of canned patterns in here. I can just seem some newbie wasting
months learning patterns, thinking that they'll actually work to attract girls
to him. Like this pattern for anal sex:

"Yeah, I can totally hear/feel/see what you mean. Isn't it just great how the
things in life that just sneak up behind you unexpectedly? I mean, there are
things you know are coming and you can see them, like, "Oh, it's Friday, I'm
getting paid today." Now that's in front of you, in your future, but then the
best things in life, the ones that can make you FEEL FULFILLED and FEEL SO GOOD
FROM YOUR BOTTOM to your top have a tendency to sneak up behind you and COME
FROM YOUR REAR. And INSIDE YOU ASS yourself, "This is so great! How can
something this great (point to schlong) just take me from behind and surprise
me like this?" I mean, that facinates me, take a second and think about how
the greatest things (point to schlong) you have ever felt took you from the
rear...think about that. It's sexually facinating if you really THINK ABOUT IT
and TAKE IT ALL IN ANALlytically.

You know what else in interesting? Is how simple words that I say can make you
feel so good. (remember you have been SSing her for a while by now). It's like
you feel these things (point to schlong) COMING IN YOUR REAR, ENTERING YOUR
REAR, being whispered to you, and it can make you feel so good. Don't you find
that when I talk like that, when I DO IT, you can't resist and you just OPEN
YOUR REAR and LET IT SLIDE INSIDE YOU, hearing those words and feeling so

Ahahahahaha. I bet this pattern will be great for getting a girl to think about
you ANALytically.

TFM barely makes any mention of the MM which is so popular on the board right
now, not to mention the next generation of techniques to this board, natural
game as described by Woodhaven in his post in advanced.

So, in conclusion, I think some revision of TFM is in order. I think we should
retire the current manual, and store it as "the old school player guide." Then,
we could have a new manual made with the compiled posts of different gurus who
use different systems (MM, GWM, natural/direct). Then, we could actually tell
newbies to RTFM without pointed them to a bunch of outdated, ineffective SS

What do you guys think?


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