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Field Report: I think I was programmed at birth to be afraid

mASF post by Sin

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Field Report: I think I was programmed at birth to be afraid
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mASF post by "Sin"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, April 4, 2005

Field Report Total crash and burn

Okay So I planned Thursday night¡Kas the day I get out there and DO something!
Well I pretty much did nothing ƒ¼ lets..see

-long sleeved button up
-express jeans
-white shoes
-beaded choker
-watch.bracelet rings

It was around 12:00 o clock when we stepped into the club¡Kthe music was loud
the place was on felt good to be inside a social atmosphere¡Kso I
immediately started thinking of sarging¡K..this is what I¡¦m here to do

I see this girl by the entrance standing there¡Kmy thoughts start to get to
me¡K¡¨what should I do..what should I say¡K.should I just say hello¡Kmaybe
opinon opener¡K.what will other people think of me¡K.ahhhhhaaa plenty of time
tonight ¡§ didn¡¦t open

Girls walking by the stairs on the dance floor same thoughts didn¡¦t open

Girls sitting at a table with drinks by themselves didn¡¦t open

Two girls that were sitting outside smoking a ciggerate didn¡¦t open (and watch
another guy open)

Overall there was atleast five times I could have really openend but I didn¡¦t
why? I think it¡¦s a mixture of fear and not knowing what to say (again my
past sticking points) but why?
Am I afraid of the word no? Am I afraid of a woman just looking at me and
ignoring me? I¡¦ve had that happen before¡K.Am I afraid of akward moments? Hell
I used to be really into hip hop I had no problem getting up on stage and
battling rappers infront of loads of people but when it comes to talking to ONE
single woman I choke out, get the shakes¡Kand freeze¡KIs this a issue with
internal dialogue..and internal image?

I read the M.A.S.F. FAQ and it mentions that any doubt in myself stems from
taking myself to seriously and maybe I do¡Kmaybe for some reason I am
¡§dreaded¡¨ by the feeling of a girl not liking me¡K.

The closet to opening a girl was actually going up to girls dancing and just
dancing..some women let me dance other women sorta looked at me funny and
turned their backs 2 me facing in another direction..(no grinding) The funny
thing was those moments didn¡¦t stop me from approaching women on the dance
floor to dance¡Ksimply because I liked dancing¡K.(until the end of the
night..where I felt really exhausted and just wanted a sprite and a bed)

My mental state was totally screwed up¡K.and it seems like when I¡¦m not in PU
doing the affirmations and NLP I feel like a million bucks but as soon as I
step out of the car and it¡¦s game time¡Kin the field..>AFC feelings take

The sticking points I can think off are one¡Kfind a way to get rid of this AFC
mind¡KI think I attract way to much value to what women think of me¡K.and
honestly I take PU way to seriously¡K.(I literally work hours on this
stuff¡Kwith theory it shouldn¡¦t be that serious) I do need to practice
routines, and some sort of chart that shows me what to say, how the pick up
should go because after HI¡Kor )the opener I totally am clueless¡K..I need
something that is going to make me more comfortable..hell how about I learn how
to open first¡K

I¡¦m wondering if my fear is coming from actually women or fear from not
knowing what to say¡K

-Read the Player guide (been sleeping on this)
-Learn the player guide and PU (practice the shit)
-Stop putting to much value on women I don¡¦t know..(I got to affirm this shit
in my brain somehow god I¡¦m such a afc when ti comes to this)
-3 sec rule (learn how to use it)
-Have FUN! ( I think the problem was I keep seeing pick up as a chore and when
I do what I¡¦m supposed to do I¡¦m more happy that the process is over rather
then actually enjoying the pick up..if I can¡¦t enjoy this shit what¡¦s the
-practice state control
-read and study FIELD reports¡Kthe best way to see this stuff in action

"You never knocked me down ray, you never knocked me down" Robert DiNero as
Jake La Motta,Raging Bull

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