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Busy girl

mASF post by zarathustra_fi

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Busy girl
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mASF post by "zarathustra_fi"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

On 4/12/05 5:06:00 AM, kot_igrun wrote:

You first need to build a skillset IRL otherwise chatting in ternet will only
damage your possibilities.

I tell you why:

>Hi All,
>I’ve met a chick via ICQ and
>our chat was very cool and
>playful (she was interesting
>and appeared interested in
>me), we trade photos and I
>suggested to meet.

This is logic. Won't work. She also shit tested you for sure and you failed the

>She said
>ok, but for some reasons she
>can’t meet me in the nearest

- She is responding with shit test to your logic.
- She is setting herself as the prize and you don' t notice (BTW you fucked up
when you started to ask something from her thus setting HER as the prize..:)

>So, I asked her, what
>the “nearest future” is.

You are completely in her frame. Shit test failed. You are not being the prize,
you are not really leading her.

>said a week.

She is bullshitting you, you don't notice.

>She gave me her #
>and I called her a week after
>but she said that she has such
>a big problems in the
>University that we can’t meet
>before she pass her exams (in

She is bullshitting you more. You are already dead at this point in terms of

>I said she can’t study forever
>and she said it’s possible to
>meet on a week-day and
>suggested Tuesday, but when I
>called her on Monday she said
>she can’t meet on Tuesday (and
>also other days this week) We
>chatted in C&F style for a
>while and I suggested her to
>call me when she is available.

Logic, logic, logic. Won't work. Also "when she is available" still sets her as
the prize. She has nothing to work for and you are not giving her emotions.

>Today in the morning I sent
>her an sms with a poem “Rose
>in Your Heart” (see Player
>Guide) in my translation to
>her native language. She
>replied with “Have a nice

She is playing you like a violin.

>That’s all for now. Any ideas
>about the mistakes I’ve made
>or about how to get her?

Get field experience and DAFS about:
- being the prize
- make her emotional
- frame control
- being the chased one
- calling women on their BS

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