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Busy girl

mASF post by Odin Danneskjold

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Busy girl
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mASF post by "Odin Danneskjold"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

On 4/12/05 5:06:00 AM, kot_igrun wrote:
>Hi All,
>I’ve met a chick via ICQ and
>our chat was very cool and
>playful (she was interesting
>and appeared interested in
>me), we trade photos and I
>suggested to meet. She said
>ok, but for some reasons she
>can’t meet me in the nearest
>future. So, I asked her, what
>the “nearest future” is. She
>said a week.

In my humble opinion...shit-test to see if you were a wuss. At this point you
should have given her your number and told HER to call YOU when she finished
polishing her goldfish or whatever she was doing for a week. Then forgot about
it, found some other girls to focus your attention on, and taken it as a
pleasant surprise if she actually called.

She gave me her #
>and I called her a week after
>but she said that she has such
>a big problems in the
>University that we can’t meet
>before she pass her exams (in

Bullshit, nobody is THAT busy. You failed the shit-test, then you called her
exactly a week after which was the precise timeframe she gave you, which
communicated that you had nothing better to do than sit around and wait to call
her for a week. Now she put you in the "major wuss" category and just wanted to
get rid of you.

>I said she can’t study forever

Should have told asked her if she thought you were a god damn retard followed
by a "seeya".

>and she said it’s possible to
>meet on a week-day and
>suggested Tuesday, but when I
>called her on Monday she said
>she can’t meet on Tuesday (and
>also other days this week) We
>chatted in C&F style for a
>while and I suggested her to
>call me when she is available.
>Today in the morning I sent
>her an sms with a poem “Rose
>in Your Heart” (see Player
>Guide) in my translation to
>her native language. She
>replied with “Have a nice

I haven't read that but I am quite, quite certain that THAT was the worst idea
since New Coke.

>That’s all for now. Any ideas
>about the mistakes I’ve made
>or about how to get her?

Ideas about mistakes above. About getting her: I'm sorry buddy, but I think she
has long ago brushed you off as a über-wuss and you will NEVER get her. But so
what? What do you care? There is plenty of sand in Sahara, so forget about that
girl and find someone else. You got her attention initially before you messed
up, you can do it again to other girls. And this time you won't mess up because
you know what you did wrong now. To (mis)quote Napoleon Hill "In every failure
you have the seeds of an even greater success"...or something along those

Good luck.

"Cattle die, kindred die,
Every man is mortal:
But the good name never dies
Of one who has done well

Haavamaal, Words of the High One"

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