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Giving some perspective

mASF post by burning_chrome

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Giving some perspective
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mASF post by "burning_chrome"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

Wow I am suprised by the people who agree with me, I though almost everyone
would be deeply offended by my posts. I guess there are some real dealers
after all. That makes me feel a lot better about this board. I guess since I
have some allies on this board I don't really need to continue this flame war.

To Aura I am a newbie to this board but have been studying and implementing to
a certain degree some of the priciples in the players guide for over a year. I
am also a communication major and take a lot of classes in interpersonal,
nonverbal, and what ever other kind of communication I think is importaint to
know, but also take any kind of psychology classes. I also do a lot of reading
on interpersonal communication and psychology. Basically this stuff is my
life. I learned in high school the importaince of good connections with people
and have decided to devote my life to basically living life to the fullest. I
am very far from an expert in seduction though, my whole reason for being here.

To the people that claim that I am my attitude reaks of "long game," I have
always fucked a girl on the first or second date or meeting, no exceptions.
Also I have read Bishop's feild reports, and i don't remember him ever fucking
the girl on the first meeting. I do aknowledge that one of the girls may be
interested in something more long term, and I am willing to explore that.

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