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What are the best patterns?

mASF post by Phenix

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What are the best patterns?
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mASF post by "Phenix"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, March 3, 2005

On 3/28/05 2:19:00 PM, stereomike wrote:
>Thanks guys, I don't run
>patterns word for word or in a
>set sequence, I can't memorize
Yes. Remember keys, understand idea behind (sense and way the manipulation is
proceeded). Rest is literacy.

>them that well, but I memorize
>the principles and "key words"
>(in case she doesn't offer
>many). I always try to run
>natural game», and I do get
>laid with that, but there are
>times when I need something to
>give me an extra edge besides
>being alpha, ie: Married
>chicks with massive ASD
>because they have never
>cheated on anyone in their
Yes, Our world is great (full or light) for this.
Also learn these Fucking sections of the ManiacPlan, with those lines and
arguments, you are guarantee to succeed in every lay even when lacking
attraction, married, or such.
Do not run into ASD, either avoid it or make it ploy.
It is fucking easy but the most frequent exercize most of you will be
practising (after opening), and the one I think that makes many of you miss
lays from a short hair.

>Sounds like "Our World" is #1.
Depends on your objectives/problems and on the style you use, but it is a kinda
fucker on its main effects.
Remember in either version, it makes frame, and it is a ROUTINE that women
accept, not only PATTERN evocation that they feel. They COMPLY willingfully to
this because they are unable to see it will get them laid.

With ManiacPlan Checklist, it is devastating because you frame/lock her with
the routine, and pursue frame easily, pass every state needed to lay, it is
barely what can be called a true game with those... (ever gamed deers with
SS-20 ? They can't run lol).
You can prefer to not do this if you can do otherwise, or if you prefer your
own style and not get laid, but it seems to me the most easy and sure way even
for a rAFC to get a lay with minimal failure rate...

>Phenix - there are 3 rose
>patterns, which one is closest
>to the stuff you typically
I do not use this. I find it is not game. To me it sucks to manipulate minds on
the long run in a non constructive way.
I and You can get lay without, and don't want poor chick to be obsessed til the
end of her days just to fuck ;) cause more susceptible targets will also be the
ones that won't be able to overcome this programmation.
Maybe when I'll have found and constructed with "The One"...
One of my colleagues that wrote NLP books stated, and I tend to think too, that
this should be used on your wife, and maybe only if she is willing to create
such a link.

I you still want to use this, please avoid permanent effects. Understand what
mechanism you put in her mind, and really ask yourself if it is needed.
And never use it on a OneItis. OneItisis not a reason to do this.

After a quick look :
The versions on FS are less powerful than other versions I saw (I did not say
this is right however).
- First version links straight everything dear to you as an absolute truth.
Ouch. For your wife.
- Second versions is to make a girlfriend I'd say, as it associates you trust
and feeling good in the long run.
- Third version is less heavy, it seems to me more standard PU stuff, aimed to
make just her surrender to you.

All these can be reworked to go more into things like desire or or feeling
natural with you.
It is your pick.

>It sounds like people are
>generally against patterns,
>the players guide is
>misleading then because there
>are so many patterns in it,
>but I am finding patterns to
>be a useful stepping stone,
Create rapport & make feel powerful emotions, even replace/rework your frame
with kinda hypnosis Yes. Useful.

>they may not be useful to
>highly successful PUAs, but
Because they hold frame without, create rapport without, and make vibe or such
to create emotions. So they no need :)

>for those of us who are
>learning maybe there is merit
>to them.
Remember that patterns are tools, almost gimmicks, and more powerful stuff is
at you disposal without learning so much.
It also seems they won't work easy on strong minds (and far more girls than
those that resist naturally hypnosis), neither on untrustful girls, and neither
on nobrain chicks that are unable to keep construction enough.

Depending on your style Our World ROUTINE (it is not in the patterne section)
is the most susceptible to be useful.
In your case, it seems that you just need to read and appropriate the
appropriate sections of the ManiacPlan and FS Guide to smash all arguments.
(for MP : all 3 Sections of Demonstrate Personnality/SOI: self, women,her, and
Evasive Actions/Special stuff).
Not quite the same effort than learning patterns with partial and less certain
effects, lol.

Just a thing I'd like to add on this topic.
You can make chicks feeling emotions and create rapport naturally by giving
them descriptions that are evocative.
Talk about skiing, falling in love, or whatever. Make them feel things inside !
And you will then happen to LEARN and finally GET to maintain a stronger frame,


"My favorite poem is the one that starts 'Thirty days hath September' because
it actually tells you something.""
Groucho Marx

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