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What are the best patterns?

mASF post by stereomike

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What are the best patterns?
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mASF post by "stereomike"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, March 3, 2005

Thanks guys, I don't run patterns word for word or in a set sequence, I can't
memorize them that well, but I memorize the principles and "key words" (in case
she doesn't offer many). I always try to run natural game», and I do get laid
with that, but there are times when I need something to give me an extra edge
besides being alpha, ie: Married chicks with massive ASD because they have
never cheated on anyone in their life.

Sounds like "Our World" is #1.

Phenix - there are 3 rose patterns, which one is closest to the stuff you
typically say?

It sounds like people are generally against patterns, the players guide is
misleading then because there are so many patterns in it, but I am finding
patterns to be a useful stepping stone, they may not be useful to highly
successful PUAs, but for those of us who are learning maybe there is merit to

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