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Field Report: First experiment with EV & SS

mASF post by coldshot

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Field Report: First experiment with EV & SS
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mASF post by "coldshot"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2004

Hi All

Would appreciate some kind advise/comments here.

I'm still pretty new to SS and after learning the basics, i decided to try it
out om ny date last night.

I met this girl through another friend. Shes tall, sexy and packed with a nice
bod. She had on a nice mini which showed her legs to the fullest. :)

I didnt bother talking about all the boring mundane stuff like most guys would
have done. My questions were more directed into qualifying her. At some point
we were talking about what she found unattractive in men. They were 1.) Lack of
initiative/aggresion. 2.) Too nice 3.)Insecure 4.)Trying too hard. Well you can
bet i wont be exhibiting those traits.

I could tell that shes having a good time. There was some kino, our legs were
touching under the table. She didint pull away. Playing with her hair. One
thing i noticed is that she had a consistent body posture. Upright and
firm...any idea?

I'm not really familiar with patterns yet so i just did the socially programmed
and real women thingy on her. It wasnt really detailed but she said that it was

Not much sexual talk save for some C&F statements abt it. Got the tip from
players guide.

At one point she asked if i had a gf.(Shit TesT) And i said "Yeah lots! These
are all my Gfs. I'm a father of all nations." She laughed.

When we were abt to leave, i told her that i was taking the train back. She
looked dissapointed. I did mention that i drove sometimes but not to work where
its cheaper to take a train. She said that she was hoping to get a ride back. I
asked her sacastically if she was the kind that only hanged out with guys who
drive. Think she was taken aback by my words. She said no but its just

Saw her off at the train station and we exchanged a few C&F ones before calling
it a night. Oh yes, i did mention to her that i had some home made MTV of my
band. She mentioned in her sms that she wanted to see it. (Subtle suggestion?)

All in all i guess it went pretty well. I think she likes what she sees and
feels. I kept it light and fluffy. Will try to run 1 or 2 patterns to up her
attraction and gain some rapport. Would like to try Swingcats push/pull

One thing i would like to know is that almost every girl i date say that most
guys are only out for sex, some are very touchy (it did make me do less kino
than i intended to after hearing that.)Or they will mention that they are not
easy and shit like that. How do you handle such statements? It does throw my
game off sometimes. What i would normally do is probe a little bit more and
change the subject.

Your comments/advise is greatly appreciated.


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