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Fuck Up Report-: from Alpha to AFC (need help! )

mASF post by David Vedder

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Fuck Up Report-: from Alpha to AFC (need help! )
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mASF post by "David Vedder"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2004

On 7/25/04 7:09:00 PM, rm_777 wrote:
>Im typing this while kicking
>myself in the own ass for
>fucking up badly....these
>evennts occured yesterday

I don't see you fucked up badly. You did well in fact, because you gained field
experience. Not everything turned out as you wanted to, but you are beating
yourself up without a real reason. It's all in your head.

>Hey, many of have seen my
>posts, no one has seen my
>weeeak game....(im only good
>at giving advice :( ), but i
>need yours

So what, my game is often very weak too and I still get laid.

>- High School
>- Very Good Looking, Good
>body, good height

As a very good looking guy, you need to take all advice on the board, the
players guide, everything, with a grain of salt. I'll explain below.

>After soccer ended, I walked
>past this HBYoung9 in which we
>make EC. I fuck up and walk on

You walk on, so what? STOP framing everything as fuck-up. You made EC, you have
stuff to do, next time say 'Hi' and walk on.

>(my mood wasnt great after we
>lost in penalty kicks).

It's only a game, wtf?

>Friend: YO rm_777, come over
>Me: *ignored first* - I knew
>he wanted to game some chicks

Did I read this right? I thought you said you were a very social person? Your
excuse for this behavior is: you lost the soccer game? Come on.

>Friend: rm_777 cmon!
>*walks over*
>HBYoung9: Ignore everything
>Friend says, he is just trying
>to embarass me.
>Friend: This girl HBYoung9 has
>the hots for you
>HBYoung9: your such a liar!
>Friend: No seriously, she

She probably said you were good-looking, but nothing more.

>Me: Is that True??

Of course she says "No"...

>Hmmm.....*walks up to her and
>grabs her ass* - what was I
>thinking (well she had an
>amazing ass)

Here's something for you: IF you do that, you must do it with absolute
confidence before, while and after you grab her ass. Show even the slightest
sign of incongruence and you are out. Because if it's OK for you, it will be OK
for her.

>HBYoung9: OMG! *in SUPER
>*Both of my friends are
>laughing hysterically and
>calling me Pimp, ironic as I
>dont it*

Your friends see you in a different way than you see yourself. Your actions
seem congruent with your looks, but incongruent to your inner game».

>HBYoung9 is still in shock,
>seems happily suprised, but
>major fuckup as I dont proceed
>to run game and just listen to
>my friends...soon enough

I agree, you could have had a drink with her. Now she might feel totally

>HBYoung9 walks away with her
>friend....and apparently she
>started crying (WTF?! Her body
>language read differently, she
>seemed happy, then cries? -
>must of thought that I thought
>of her as a slut?)

Either that or she felt totally rejected. Know what? You are focused on your
own state, the whole time. This is your sticking point, you need to keep an eye
on what is going on around you, which is very important, too. She cried where
you could see her, rings any bells? But you already framed it as "FU", so you
didn't realize that.

>So I majorly fuck up

Stop framing all your field experience as FU!!! The only FU is that you don't
ask constructive questions to yourself:

"How do I...."

but I become somehwat
>alpha later on walking through
>venue with all these guys
>giving me MAD social proof as
>everywhere I walk, people are
>trying to talk to
>me....everything like that,
>puts me in a MAJOR ALPHA
>mood.....this is later MAJORLY
>decreased when I try to get
>cousin to come to nighr dance
>because he is WBAFC and get
>him experience (I got into
>weaker/negative frame)

Stick with the people who increase your mood, not with the WBAFC. AND: Tell
your cousin NOT to be negative, at least while he is in your world.

>I arrive, get lots of social
>proof by mixing with familiar
>people....then go to dance
>with friends' friends and
>grind with them, go talk to
>lots of friends ect dancing
>with their girls LOL....I talk
>to 1 girl who gives me an SOI,
>too bad she is an UG:

Look, you are having an amazing night, talking to friends, dancing, even
grinding. You are good looking. Life is good to you. Just don't be so negative.
Many people wish they had your looks, your social circle, everything. You got
it all, and even discovered this site. This puts you at #1 on the list and you
need to focus on this, and not on your "FU", which are no "FU" in my opinion.
As good-looking as you are, you can get away with almost everything, if only
your inner game» was stronger and less dependent from other people.

>Me: Blah Blah, you better have
>a good time hooking up with
>some hot guys tonight?!
>UG: Why do I need them when
>Ive got one of the hottest
>right in front of me...(I was
>dressed better then all 500
>people at night, and I looked
>better then ever)

I hate you ;-)

>So I start talking to HBOlder7
>(1 yr older then me and made a
>mistake by lying to her that
>was younger...

Why is that a mistake? You were just having fun with her, nothing else.

>she had MAJOR
>IOI's back at New Years, but
>want attracted, so never
>talked to her again). She

Did I get this right? A HB shows MAJOR IOI, but you are not attracted to her,
so what you do is: never talk to her again? No comment...

>initiates convo and gives SOI
>("You always look better then
>me") BLAH BLAH I giver her a
>pizza number, # close
>her....This is where I get

This is where I would have felt a strong improvement in my mood.

>QUESTION: I was Alpha from
>social proof, attitude and
>happy....but as I was talking
>to HBOlder7 for a LONG time,
>my energy was LOSING FAST! I
>was losing my super-positive
>state...I was still running
>qualifying tests on her and
>gaming her well, but I was
>losing my energy through
>constant interuptions
>ect...what do you do in this
>situation and what can I do

You #-closed her already, now move on and get back to the people that boost
your state. Maybe have a short drink with her later. Don't give away too much
too soon. You don't need to do this.

>I soon eject regardless that
>HBOlder7 wants me to stay.

You did the right thing, always eject on a high note. Now get back to your
friends and game other girls.

>I walk around, and im feeling
>AFC when approaching because
>everyone is SO CLIQUISH...and

You feel AFC because the OTHER people there are cliquish? I don't get the logic
in that. If you are looking for reasons for your bad state, your subconscious
mind will come up with reasons, and then you'll have proof for it. It's like a
self-fulfilling prophecy.
Search the archives for framing.

>im feeling weaker and
> body language is
>still positive and good....but
>ive lost that internal drive

Alright, how about your tonality, facial expression, congruence with yourself?
You can improve in so many ways, even though you are already Alpha in your
group. And, about your internal game: you are the one responsible for it, not
your buddies, the people around you, your cousin, ... only you, you, you. Do
you get it?

>Nothing much happens later in
>other sets (Most people were
>on dance floor, and hard to
>dance because venue was

Seat yourself at a central place where you can see everything and surround
yourself with some HBs. Oh, you blew them all off? Too bad.

>oh ye, that and I get BLOW THE
>FUCK OUT OF A SET when I use
>Gayshirt opener and I dont use
>a good run up game and then I
>grab her waterbottle and drink
>out of it
>"Oh ye, dont ever talk to me

So you approached one set, got blown out, so what? You gamed 10 other sets this
night, didn't you? Just kidding. Write down what you learned, and improve. And
move on.

>I didnt take this seriously,
>but I NEVER felt to Alpha in
>my life in the beginning
>(after talking LOTS of people)
>and now i feel so AFC, im
>trying to remain positive, but
>my posts deserves to be on DOn
>Juan rather then here.....

Stop beating yourself up. You are young, good looking, you found mASF, and you
know that you can improve and fucking BE Don Juan. That's not so bad.

>would be helpful....Im gone
>for 1 week, so ill be
>searching for this thread....

It doesn't get any more critical than this one, right?

>Thanks alot

And in fact you are very insecure and not different, so you're the one who is

Don't worry, you will get yourself fixed. And then you will be unstoppable.
What you have is luxury problems. Ugly guys, listen up, this post is a great
example for the importance of inner game». Without it, everything is nothing.

Good luck, and keep working. First thing to do is change the title of your post
to "FR"

David Vedder

Unless otherwise noted, this article is Copyright©2004 by "David Vedder" with implicit permission provided to for reproduction. Any other use is prohibited without the explicit permission of the original author.


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