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Fuck Up Report: When Sarges Go Bad How Funny It Can Be :)

mASF post by I Am The Future

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Fuck Up Report: When Sarges Go Bad How Funny It Can Be :)
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mASF post by "I Am The Future"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, June 6, 2004

When Sarges Go Bad

This is the first time I got some free time so im posting all my field reports
I wanted to write down they stretch back from May to now, the only ones I
bothered to write up.

This is just a collection of crash and burns and how fun they were.

#1 Away on holiday with my mate we just arrived and im hot ready to sarge this
new town, we go into a super market and I spot this nice hot 30+ year old I
know she could do with a young 20 year old in her life like me, so I make the
awesome MISTAKE of Walking up BEHIND HER.

Dont do this!!! I walk up behind her my first mistake but things get worse!!!
I then say "Err Thats A Nice Dress Where Did You Get It From?"

Now I got no idea why i did this no idea whatso ever I totally understand how
stupid this is and why you shouldnt do it.

She looks at me weird and says in a fuck off tone of voice "A Shop"
I say in a sarcastic tone of voice realising ive fucked up "Wooooow Dude"

she then asks why im talking to her then she says where did I get my top I tell
her a shop she tells me to fuck off.

And everyone in the super market is looking at me :)
I love the attention they wanna be me clearly so as I start smiling and say
yeah she wants me, and walk off.
I bump into her in the shop and remember a line from the players guide think it
was Mysterys and say...
"Wow Look Theres The Nice And Friendly Person"

end of crash&burn

#2 These seem to happen the most out of my negative responses. But I dont know
what course them.

iL open 90% of the time with Who Lies More and sometimes il get this

They look at me for about 3 seconds like there thinking about talking to me
then suddenly they will just either give me this look and walk off or walk off.
Maybe I need to engage them more, what can I do to stop this happening?
I think not facing them directly, and it only happens when they are walking
past me and we are both standing.

#3 Im with 2 of my mates and one wants to see some sarging so I spot this 2 set
of fairly ugly girls sitting down.
Now back in the day I went without getting laid from 17-19 years of age so
fucking an ugly girl would be fine not a problem.
I open them and it goes ok I carry on gaming I see there not as into it as most
but still workable then she starts fucking freaking out,
Telling me her cousin is 21 and hes hard and if I touch her he will beat me, I
just do the standard and duck on the floor covering my head saying please dont
hurt me and everyone laughs.
But she carries on with shit like my dad will be picking me up any second im
like yeah thats cool.
After a while I go for the number close she thinks about it but looks to her
mouthy bitch ass mate and she says no, so I walk off and say bye. knowing that
their lives fucking suck being that negative god id hate to be that paranoid
they must miss out on loads of freindships.

#4 this was the other week and its had the most effect ever on my game, im in
my mates with him driving and my mate in the back we see a 2 set and I can see
they are open to sex tonite you can just tell from the type of girls they are,
my mate calls them "Street Girls" he says that girls who just hang out round
town and sit on benches all day are just waiting to hook up.
We park and my mate who drives waits in the car while I take my other mate who
stands there and looks sexy while I run game :)
I open and they just laugh, I run a story they just laugh, I do some other shit
they just laugh.
So this is like hmm weird may aswell go for it and I say my mates got a car
lets go crusin' they laugh and go ok and just follow us.
Now as they start to chat on the way back me and my mate realise we have made a
big mistake these are the type of skank ass hoes who beg for money and do
as im walking to the car me and my mate are getting worried, get them in the
car he makes me sit next to them, they go for a piss in some field get them
back to my mates house and me and my mate go silent we just wanna go home..
We are in a situation we seriously dont want to be in. I dont know if any one
can relate to this, but its like.
When you were a teenager and someone a lot harder then you came up to u and you
were in a situation where you had to hang with him for a few minutes and you
know at any moment he could snap and you could get some serious beats and after

Since this I haven't really gamed proper on street im hoping it will get back
to normal soon though, dont really understand why we feel so bad about it but
hey life goes on.
We dont wanna sarge any girls inless they are of high standard from now on,Well
its not high standard its just we dont want anything like that to happen again
maybe if we start asking straight away look is your family on benefit? are you
rich, 2 parent family or doing it soon after we dont need to waste our time

I recovered from all of these well none of them even effected me for me to be
able to recover from bar the latter.
Im probably fine with them cause im confident and confidence can be achieved by
anyone!!! if your afraid of rejection then its coming from within yourself its
not an external force you cant control and you can sort it out others have and
NO your no different.
Out of abotu 100 sarges only 5 of mine go bad out fo those 5 only 1 even gets
on my effectionometer.

Take care and sarge on, any one else have some awesome or funny
rejections/crash and burns they would like to post lets all laugh about it :)
may aswell turn them into a good time and a fun story!

Hey check this one out, I was over a girls house and we were in the 69 position
and I knew id be able to have sex and I been getting ready I checked on the
Internet for the best thing to say to lead into sex.
So I looked on Askmen.Com
and im in bed with this girl shes moaning away and its great and then I get her
off me and I remember the line that said works well and is great to
So I look at this girl all horny in major sexual state and with bedroom eyes
and super seductive voice and I say to her...

Please May I Enter You?

Magically Yours
It's All In The Mind

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