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Field Report: Palm Reading + Alpha + Groupdynamics = Fun

mASF post by HelmutS

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Field Report: Palm Reading + Alpha + Groupdynamics = Fun
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mASF post by "HelmutS"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, March 3, 2004

Hey...I'm just back from a good 6 hours clublife and wanted to share this
story. It's nothing major, but a very great success for me, and that after just
two weeks of reading the Player Guide.

Okay, so how it went:

In the club, there was a quiet bar room with some comfy chairs in various
corners. Two girls where sitting in one single chair. Lets call them G1 and G2
(no real HB rating, not important for the story - but no UGs.)

I approached them and asked them if they belive in esotheric stuff. Or if they
belive in the power of full moon (we have full moon today).

Then I asked if they belive in Palm reading and told them I was learning it
currently. Bam, I was in.

I only know the basic four lines, but that was good enough to keep them

Now, the cool part: Since I was doing that in a rather bright lit room, very
visible, one other guy showed up and watched me doing it (he belonged to them).
THEN one of their friends pulled in (call her Girl3, I'd say about a 7). She
was basically begging me to read her palm.

All nice and dandy, lots of fun all around. Didn't get into any deep
conversations though - got to work on that.

Eventually we got to the other room dancing a little and then ended up at a
table, where her 4th friend came in (G4) and again they asked me if I would
read her hand. Well, did that too, she asked if she's make her exam tomorrow
and I said YEAH, got a big hug, etc. Lots of kino all around.

Now, eventually I ended up talking with G3 and G4, and G4 kept bothering me
about buying her a drink. I denied playfully for a while (playing Alpha), asked
her to buy ME a drink etc...eventually it started to be a little annoying so I
remember something from the player guide:

Me: "Okay, but you got to french kiss me first"
She: "No, you can have three pecks, but no french kiss".
Me: "No way, real deal or nothing"

Then she starts telling me about how she has a boyfriend and would feel bad
about it etc...but eventually she told me Girl 3 would french-kiss me. Well,
and that's exactly what happened. So basically, for her to get a drink, she
made her friend tongue me down (and THAT was a real kiss, not some kids crap).

I go to the wardrobe to get my bag where I have my cash (for the drink) and
Girl 3 goes with me "to watch that I dont vanish". I tongue her down again at
the Wardrobe while waiting for the clerk to find my bag.

We return to table, I get another 3 or 4 kisses on and lots of high class kino
(ass mainly). The other girl gets her drink, but that was damn well worth it.

Okay, eventuall we both lost interest...she started to become a little drunk as
well. Perhabs I didn't offer enough effort, or should have been better prepared
for some more great conversation starters.

But what I really found funny was the way I was actually approaching Girl 1 &
2, they forward me to Girl 3 and 4, and 4 ended up making 3 kiss me. Total
group dynamic. I didn't really separate any single target, they where all cute
(not hot, but definitly doable, blond and smooth). So in the end I could game
with all of them, and got some good kiss/kino action out of it.

For comparison sake: End of last year I did 8 visits to clubs, approached 20+
girls, got three phone numbers, no kino, no kisses, no real follow-ups.

Now, this is my second week of reading Players Guide. In these two weeks I've
approached 5 girls cold in the street and got into good conversation + smiling
and laughing (the fifth just on the way to club tonight), I have approached 10
girls in two club nights, and got some tongue play already in the second night
trying this shit. Amazing, really.

Now, I still need to work on better conversation (attracting/values) to get
#closes/fuck closes prefered ;)
What I did learn was that Palm Reading is a very good tool for groups of girls,
it keeps them all interested and literary drags other girls into the game. In
this case, I used it very directly as an opener (because that club actually ran
a Full-Moon Theme, so it was easy to go with that).

I had two other groups of girls whom I very successfull got into deeper convo
with a simple opener and then again over to "belive in esotheric" and palm
reading. Its just a perfect group tactic.

Anyway, I wouldn't have minded seeing Girl 3 again, but my specific target for
today when I left home was some kino/kissing, and I got that almost effortless.
It feels great to meet your own challenges.

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