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mASF post by Rey

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mASF post by "Rey"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, January 1, 2004

On 1/30/04 5:33:31 AM, ancestor wrote:
> NPD. Narcisstic Personality Disorder. Look it up.
> Get help.

LOL! I know you're just a troll, but this is
just so hilarious, and too interesting a subject,
to let it slip by. PUAs who are unaware of the
danger of what's known as personality disorders
(PDs) are indeed well advised to inform
themselves about it.

I'm very aware of PDs and carefully look for
signs of them in women I approach. The problem
of people with personality disorders in the
context of relationships (however short!) is that
they are usually unable to 'give' (in a very
general meaning of the word); they can only take.

Some girls with some manifestations of PDs are
easy fucks - they can be very promiscuous and
desperately looking for attention (think
borderline PD). Young borderline girls are a
cheap PUAs wet dream. But none of them is likely
to stick around with you, and relationships will
be unfulfilling at best.

Yes, I have been involved with several girls in
different parts of the PD spectrum. You'll find
an uncannily high percentage of them in clubs.
If you don't believe my comments about the
problems they will give you, google around a bit
for rants from partners of people with a PD.

Don't believe the usual psycho babble about PDs,
though. The people typically writing or talking
with apparent authority about this (usually
psychiatrists) often DON'T HAVE A FUCKING CLUE.
Here are a few relevant points where they miss
the boat:

1) The discrete PD types (such as narcissistic,
borderline, or histrionic) don't really exist.
the underlying personality type. If you don't
believe me, look at the differences between
diagnostic criteria in different editions of the
infamous DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual
of Mental Disorders), or the funny differences with
the European criteria. They just can't find a
way to classify the types, yet they're too myopic
to see that they are all just manifestations,
just emergent behavior patterns, stemming from a
single personality type (basically - lacking
empathy and conscience). BTW, I remember once
seeing a researcher moving in this direction
(i.e. generalizing it) but she was shot down by
the psychiatric establishment in no time.

So - look for lack of empathy and conscience in a
girl. Ditch her immediately when you detect it
unless you want just a ONS. And even then - they
really lack the emotional make-up for a
passionate fuck. Honestly. I've had my share
and lost my taste for the type big time.

2) Never, ever believe the nonsense being spouted
about being able to treat people with PDs. Sure,
you can drug people, sometimes suppressing the
most aggravating symptoms. Sure, you can train
them, like puppies, to sit up or lie down when
required. But to think you can 'treat' a basic
personality type is so utterly nonsensical that I
won't even discuss it any further.

So - don't linger in some relationship with a
girl who's in treatment or whatever, in the hope
she'll get more passionate with you, more into
you. You're deluding yourself. She won't.

3) This really is the funniest one, and I'm glad
to see it's being recognized by a few
knowledgeable people (like the well-known Robert
Hare). PDs aren't really disorders - not at
all! It's an evolutionary highly advantageous
trait to have, as long as the percentage of
people having it is low enough. People with PDs
are nothing but social parasites.

So - avoid them, unless you enjoy feeding a
parasite, but be well aware of their inevitable

This is a huge one, also acknowledged by Hare
IIRC. If you are sensitive enough to pick up the
signs, you'll find that easily 20% of people have
this trait in a more or less serious form. Only
the clinical manifestations are rare - but those
are just the ones that failed!

So - beware, you _will_ run into them...

5) Ponder about this one: what's the relationship
between PUAs, SHBs, and PDs? Superficially, PUAs
and SHBs seem terrible PD cases. However, in my
experience (I know only a handful of natural PUAs
though) the occurrence of PDs among them is no
higher than elsewhere. They only superficially
act like they may have a PD (i.e. selfish).
Beyond the surface these people are usually very
sensitive, socially aware, and strongly emphatic.

So - look beyond the surface.

BTW, I have no formal background whatsoever in
traditional psychology or psychiatry. I read
some (well regarded) books on the subject but
found it impossible to take much of it
seriously. I decided that my personal
experiences and insights (and those of my
pleasantly observant IQ160+ friends, sorry
'ancestor';) were infinitely more enlightening.
REACH. It's interesting to note that nearly all
psychiatrists and psychologists are (of course)
sub-IQ140. However, they present views that are
socially acceptable...

You guys here aren't into the socially
acceptable, politically correct stuff, are you?

Yes, 'ancestor', I'm an arrogant fuck. Hell
yeah. Yeah, I implied having insights well
beyond the players guide just based on personal
experience. I don't oversee yet what the level
of knowledge is on the forum; from what I've seen
so far it looks like there is great anecdotal
knowledge and some damn good observations, but
I'm still looking for deeper insight. I'm
looking for the real basics, the science of it
all if you will. Yes, I think there may be a
pretty simple G.U.T. of seduction out there. I
think psychology is MUCH simpler than it's
believed to be (e.g. the silly myriad of PD
sub-classes being just manifestations of a single
personality trait: lacking empathy).

Maybe one of the reasons that I think much of
what I see around here is somewhat superficial,
is the emphasis on quick lays / ONSs. In case
you hadn't figured it out yet, I'm more into
mLTRs. Had my first mLTR some fifteen years ago,
and learned things about how to go about it back
then, that I haven't seen around here yet.

Finally - my arrogance really isn't NPD :-).
Hint: arrogance CAN BE a SYMPTOM of (N)PD.
Another useful hint: NPD people are WHOLLY
PEOPLE AROUND THEM. You should read up a little
on the subject, it may learn you how to recognize
a NPD girl within minutes.


- Rey

PS. Anyone think something like this should be
posted as a separate topic? *You* do it, then.
I hereby grant anyone to take this and post it,
under their own name or whatever. I don't give a
fuck. Don't reckon you'll be seeing me around
here after today. (No, I'm not bitter, it's just
that I'll be gone if I decide this place isn't
for me).

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