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Field Report: A night of ASD

mASF post by bish0p2004

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Field Report: A night of ASD
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mASF post by "bish0p2004"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, January 1, 2004

This is my first FR, which ended with me and some white chick, who I met at
school, kissing and kinoing in the back of my car. It’s a long field report,
from the first meeting to the actual *close. I also extend it to couple of
days later to a phone convo we had, to show you guys the results and to get
your opinions on my word for word conversation with her. Any help will be
greatly appreciated it and I also appreciate those who take the time to read

All right, this chick is about a 7 (nice face, so-so body). The day I met HB7,
I wasn’t really in a social mood. I noticed her checking me
out, but I really didn’t care because she wasn’t really my type. I kind
of ignored her, but I had on shades, so I kept glancing at her just out
of curiosity to see if she was still checking me out. She was with her
fat friend and that was another reason I didn’t want to approach her….
social proof, y’know. I went to go get a bottle of water, which was
about 100 feet away from her, and when I came back, I noticed she was
STILL checking me out… I’m like damn this chick wants me badly. So, I
said fuck it and right after I passed them, I smiled at her and waved.
She smiled and I told her to come to me using the finger gesture and
mouthing the words. I couldn’t really see, but I think she shook her head
no at first with a big smile, and so I did it again and she finally
came over.

Me: Do I know you from somewhere?
HB7: No.
Me: Well, you were really checking me out weren’t you!
HB7: No, I wasn’t!
Me: Yes, you were. Your eyes were following me all the way to the
water machine and back.
HB7: *Laughs*

I KNOW I messed up after this!

We shake hands and exchange names.

Me: Well, I’m kind of in a rush to get somewhere.
*Awkward pause*
(For some strange reason, I just stalled and couldn’t think of what I
wanted to say)
HB7: (uncertain smile) Okay….
Me: But, I would like to call you sometime. (Yeah, I know…. lame! I
thought that I had messed up there)
HB7: Well, why don’t you give me your number?
Me: (Pause) Why don’t we trade numbers?
HB7: Okay.

As she writes my number down, I say:

Me: Don’t call me after 12:00 am, that’s past my bedtime.
HB7: Laughs
Me: I’m serious. I’m in bed by 10:00 (I’m still joking by the way).
HB7: (laughs)
Me: Now, when I call, don’t be all like “eh, bish0p who?”
HB7: (smile) okay.

All the way to my car, I’m thinking to myself about how I messed that
up and I was trying to hold my laughter in. I looked at it as a fuck up
and decided to forget about it. I also went out and got another #close
later that day to make up for it.

So, after I leave school, I’m at a traffic light and guess who pulls up
right next to me? Yup, HB7. Even though I felt like I fucked it up, I
wanted to be a good sport about it, so I do the ‘roll down your window’

Me: Where you going?
HB7: Home and then to work out.
Me: Oh, you work out? Where?
HB7: The YMCA.
Me: Cool. How much do they charge?
HB7: Blah blah student discount.
Me: Cool, they give student discounts? I’ve been looking for a place
to workout. I’ll have to check that out.
HB7: (smiles) Okay.

Awkward pause again. I look away and she looks away. Then she rolls
up here window. Lol! This is so funny writing this shit out! I looked
at it as a loss (not that I lost her, but I messed up the PU and so I
throw her number away).

Anyways, when I get home in the evening, I get a message from HB7. I’m
thinking to myself, what the hell? Maybe I didn’t fuck up after all or
maybe she’s just desperate, after all she’s the only girl that’s ever
called me on the FIRST day of our meeting…. whatever. I decide I’ll
call her back tomorrow.

Next day at school, I see her again, but I really don’t want to talk to
her. But I still want to be a good sport about everything and wave and
yell out, “nice hat” to her. She says thanx and I continue on my merry

That same night, I was supposed to meet up with the other chick I
#closed, but she flaked out on me. Anyways, I give HB7 a call.

Me: May I speak to HB7?
HB7: This is her.
Me: This is bish0p, what’s up?
HB7: Nothing. I’m at work right now; can I call you back later?
Me: What time do you get off?
HB7: 11 pm
Me: 11 pm?
HB7: Is that too late?
Me: um, yeah.


Me: Well, go ahead and call me back at 11.
HB7: Okay.

She calls me back a little bit before 11. I can’t remember how the
conversation went, but at one point, I did establish the fact that I don’t
like talking on the phone and I suggested that we meet up somewhere.
The conversation went on a little longer (10 minutes) than I wanted it
to, because I ended up asking a lot of questions about where she was
originally from and where she wanted to go. I also couldn’t decide on
where I wanted to meet her because she doesn’t know my area very well, so
it was hard giving her directions. She asks why don’t we meet in the
cafeteria during my break in between classes tomorrow. I say no,
because, in my head, I’m thinking she’s trying to control the situation and I
won’t allow it. Also, I’m thinking she wants to do this rather than me
at night. This is a bad idea, because then I won’t get a chance to
fuck her.

HB7: How much time do you have between classes tomorrow?
Me: Not a whole lot (This was a lie)
Me: That’s why I want to meet up tomorrow night. (I said this based
off the assumption that she wanted to meet me in the day rather than at
Me: Tell you what, I’ll figure something out and call you tomorrow
HB7: Okay.
Me: Just leave tomorrow night open okay?
HB7: Okay.
Me: If I have a chance tomorrow, I’ll stop by the cafeteria just to
say what’s up.
HB7: All right.

Next day, I stop by the cafeteria, and she’s with her UG friend again,
so I go over there with a smile. We chit chat about school a little
bit and what she’s working on. I run the Best Friends test… I had never
used it before and I just learned it a couple of days before, so it
didn’t work too well. Whatever. I talk to her friend a little, trying to
get her to like me. It goes pretty well. I finally decide on a
meeting place and time (7 pm), I say goodbye and tell her not to flake out on

7:00 comes and I’m up at the school. I don’t see her yet, so I go up
into the computer lab. I wait about 15 minutes before I go back down
stairs and still she’s not there. So I go back up stairs. I decide to
wait 15 more minutes and if she’s not there by that time, I will leave.
She still doesn’t show, so I’m pissed right now and thinking she flaked
on me. I also left her # at home (I need to get a cell phone), so I
call my roommate, who tells me that she just called my house. I get her
#, call her and she’s pissed at me! lol.

HB7: Where are you at?!
Me: I’m at the school; I’ve been waiting 30 minutes for you.
HB7: I’ve been waiting for you, bish0p! Since 7:00. (she was really
pissed and I’m thinking about how funny this shit is now, I don’t even
know this girl that well and she’s already bitching at me… but I keep
my cool and let her talk)
Me: Well, I was up here at 7:00 waiting on you.

It turns out that she was waiting in the parking lot of the school,
while I was at the entrance. I tell her that it was just a
misunderstanding and then I blame her for being late in a C+F way. I tell her
comeback, because she was on her way home when I had called.

Anyways, we finally get together and I hug her and tell her that I was
glad she came back (was that a good thing or a bad thing? I didn’t say
it in a desperate tonality, but I’m still not sure if was supplicating
or not. IMO, I think it was, but it felt like the right thing to say
at the time).

We get to our destination, a Japanese restaurant and she tells me how
she loves sushi. Too bad I’m not buying any…ha ha! I DON’T open the
door for her and I walk in first (read that on the players guide… still
not too sure about it). We go straight to the bar and order drinks.

I run a routine that I created called the Saggy titty routine. I had
just thought it up earlier that day, so it was pretty short. But I’ve
expanded it since. If anyone wants to know it, let me know. I’ve used
it twice and got great responses from it. I also make sure to use the
word “titty” too. It goes like this:

Me: You’ll never believe what just happened to me.
HB7: What?
Me: I was at the gas station right before I got to the school and some
old lady comes up to me and says, ‘hey, you’re pretty cute,’ raises her
shirt, and shows me her titties.
HB7: (laughs) You’re joking!
Me: No, I’m serious. She smelled like alcohol and everything!
HB7: (still laughing)
Me: You’re laughing, but I was traumatized. They were all old and
saggy. Ugh! I’m scarred for life.

From there, I did a lot of kino on her, touching her back and arm,
trying to place anchors (my first attempt at that) every time she laughed
at my jokes. She was tearing the label up on her beer bottle. I teased
her about it constantly which made her blush a few times and I can tell
she was just really enjoying my company. Her body language was really
sexual. Like, she did a lot of lip licking while looking at me and she
was really stroking her beer bottle too, like she was jerking someone
Also, I’d also like to mention what my body language was like. We were
sitting directly next to each other on stools at a bar. She’s facing
directly towards the bar and I’m at an angle, with my body language very
open. I’m leaning forward, with my left arm extended on the back of
her chair and my right arm resting on the bar. I’m looking at her the
entire time with my eyes squinting at her in a sexual way. I make sure
to lick my lips on occasion when she looks my way. Every once in a
while, I glance a way, but most of the time; I’m just looking directly at
her (I feel like this is okay, because I know she likes me). I always
do this when I know a girl likes me and they always ask, “what are you
looking at?” to which I reply, that little dirt spot on your head, or
that booger hanging out of your nose. I always get a great response.

Me: Can I ask you a question?
Hb7: Yeah.
Me: Why do you like me?
Hb7: What makes you think that I like you?
Me: I can read your mind. I’m telepathic.
Hb7: yeah right. That stuffs fake. (It’s funny because earlier, she
was talking about how there might be a connection between us because we
kept running into each other everyday after we first met. The irony.)
Me: (laughing) You were just talking about us connecting not too long
ago and then you say this stuff is fake?! AND you believe in God but
you can’t believe in telepathy?! You’re a trip!
Hb7: That’s different (I’m thinking to myself, yeah right…chicks are
so weird)!
Me: How is that different?
Hb7: Blah blah (at this point, I probably should have paid more
Me: So, you never answered my question. Why do you like me?
Hb7: How do you know I like you?
Me: I can tell through your body language. I just know when a girl
likes me. Also, you’re still here with me and you’re having fun.

She then tells me that she’s attracted to me. We then talk about
relationships and I ask her why she’s single and what kind of guy she is
looking for. But that particular topic doesn’t last that long. Turns
out, neither one of us wants a relationship, so I’m thinking this would be
an easy fuck. Normal conversation continues and I talked passionately
about my job (I work with a disabled kid) and she ate it up. Even told
her a funny story about a camping trip I went on with him and his
family. One time, she asked me a question about my nationality (I’m mixed
w/ African American and Russian), I made her guess it. She tried to
play the same game w/ me (she was trying to be funny…she’s white btw) and
I would say, “uh, let me guess…black?! No? Wait… Chinese?! No?
Damnit!” and so on…. At one point, we talked about music, and she
accidentally called hip-hop music, “the rap.” So, I’m like, what the hell is
“THE. RAP?” That got the best response from her because I brought the
bartender in on it by asking him that question. I’m just teasing her the
whole time and having fun. She asks me more questions, like:

HB7: What kind of clubs do you go to?
Me: How badly do you want to know?
HB7: (smiling) Not that bad.

So, I ignore the question and change the subject. After a while, she
finally gives in and the convo goes back to the same question (this
happened a bunch of times, but with different questions).

HB7: What kind of clubs do you go to?
Me: How badly do you want to know?
HB7: Badly.
Me: What are you gonna give me?
HB7: (laughs) what do you want?
Me: A kiss.
HB7: (smiling) no.
Me: Okay

And I change the subject again. Later on, her cell phone rings and I
say out loud in sort of playful way, “Hell no. I know you’re not gonna
answer that!” She answers it anyway. I hate when girls talk on cell
phones during a date. So, I get even by talking to the bartender (it’s
a guy that I know from way back when. The whole point was to ignore
her once she got off). She gets off and I’m still talking to the
bartender. She gets impatient and taps me on the arm and I turn to her and
tell her to hold on. She laughs and I continue talking to the bartender.
Finally, I turn back to her and she says that that was wrong. And I’m
like “What’s wrong? What’d I do?”

Eventually the convo turns to teasing.

Me: Do you like to tease?
HB7: Yeah.
Me: I hate it when girls tease.
HB7: Teasing is good when done in a right way.
Me: What’s the right way then?
HB7: When I’m with a guy and we’re kissing and he thinks he’s going to
get some and he’s all hard and shit and then I just stop and say
Me: That’s the wrong way! That would piss me off!

She backtracks a little bit, but I can’t remember exactly what she
said. But, I decide to show her the right way (DeAngelo style)!

Me: Let me show you the right way.
HB7: Okay.

I put my arm around her and gently try to put my hand on her face, but
she pulls away. She thought I was trying to be slick and that I was
actually trying to go in for the kiss that I wanted earlier.

Me: No, seriously. Come here, let me show you.

She turns towards me. Then I get all romantical and stuff, look her
dead in her eyes (Now, keep in mind, I’m actually doing everything
physically as I say it aloud).

Me: The right kind of teasing is when you look someone in their eyes….
like this (look in her eyes). And you move closer (I move closer).
And closer. And closer. Until your lips are about to touch.

She’s doggy-dinner bowl eyes at this point and we just stare at each
other for like 10 seconds and then I back up with a smile on my face.

Me: Now, that’s how you tease somebody.
HB7: That was mean!

After this, I could have had a kiss anytime I wanted it. Every time,
she should would try and go in for a kiss, but I would always pull away.
It was fun as hell and it got to a point where I didn’t even want to
kiss her anymore, I just wanted to keep playing with her and she was
dying to kiss me. This shit rules! We talk a little bit more and I ran
another routine (a dog routine that someone created… can’t remember
who…but I changed it to cats). It was about 10:30 when I finally did kiss
her. At this time, I wanted to pull her outta of there, but we really
had no place to go… she stays w/ her dad and I stay with my parents (I’m
in college).

Me: I want to get outta here, but I can’t think of any place to go.
HB7: We can go to the beach.
Me: Lets go.

On our way to the beach, she starts putting make-up on (trying to get
prettied up for me… tee hee) and I ‘m feelin all pimpish and everything.
We get to the beach and I chat a little before I actually make my move.
There were still people coming in and out of the beach as we sat in my
car, so I continued to act disinterested in sex and talk about what was
going on outside. She asks me what turns me on, so I tell her and then
she tells me. We finally started kissing again. And I tell her I want
to get in the backseat. (Just between you and me, I really didn’t have
a goal at this point, because I didn’t want to have sex with her in
such an open area where everybody was passing by. However, I think I
would have settled for a blowjob). Anyways:

Me: It’s uncomfortable up here. Lets get in the backseat.
HB7: Now, bish0p, how would that look if I got into the backseat with
you on the first date?

I can’t remember exactly what I said, but it was something like this,

Me: Well, we’re not going to do anything, cause I never sleep with a
girl on the first date.
Me: I just want our bodies to be closer together. And I can’t do that
with the cupholder in the way. See look, it feels odd.

I goofed off a little bit and just leaned my upper body on top of hers
in an awkward position, with my ass still in the drivers seat. Hey, it
got a laugh and she told me to show her again. After that, she was
talking to me about something, and I was tossing the schoolbooks I had on
my backseat onto the top part of the seat, where the back window is.
It was like I was expecting her to go back there when she hadn’t given
me permission yet. She still went back there anyway, hehe. I act like
I’m in no rush and showed her that I broke the top on my cupholder
earlier that day and blamed it on her. We start kissing again and after a
while, I start kissing her neck and biting it a little. At this point,
I want to take it a little further, so I touch the area between her
collarbones, right below her throat, and I slowly move my finger down here
chest, but I don’t go for her titty yet. Eventually, I do go for it
and she resists. Fuck. I don’t give up yet. I continue kissing her and
after a while, I try again. I slowly brush my hand up against her
breast and she doesn’t resist. Then, I completely grab her titty too soon
and she moves my hand away. So I stop and ask her:

Me: Are you comfortable with me?
HB7: Yes.
Me: Does it feel good when I kiss you?
HB7: Yes.
Me: Does it feel good when I touch you?
HB7: Yes.
Me: Then, why won’t you be more open with me?
HB7: I am open with you. I just don’t think it would be right if we
had sex on the first date.
Me: I’m not talking about sex. It’s just when I touch you somewhere,
you move my hand away.
Me: If something feels good, why not go with it. Why deny yourself
the pleasure.

I can’t remember what I said after this, but we started kissing again.
I decide to take it a little bit slower and I slowly brush the top of
my hand over her titties again. Then she allows me to actually grab
them. Coooool. After a while, I try to reach under her shirt, but it’s a
no go. So, I stop and I separate from her, by moving all the way to my
side of the door and she stays by her. I can’t remember how the convo
started this time, but she thought I was mad at her.

Me: I’m not mad at you. I just can’t understand it why you’re not
being more open with me.
Her: bish0p, how would it look on my part to sleep (she kept making
that assumption) with you on the first date. I mean we just met. I want
to get to know you a little bit better.
Me: Will you ever truly know me? I mean, no matter how long you’ve
known someone, do you ever truly know that person.
Me: I mean, you could know me for days, for weeks, for years, and you
would still never truly know the person that I really am.
Me: I don’t know why people always conform to society rules. Like,
you should sleep with someone after a certain amount of time. (I
actually got deeper than this, but I can’t remember what I said exactly, but
it was good stuff dammit).
HB7: It’s not a rule; I just couldn’t respect myself the next day.
Me: Why couldn’t you respect yourself?
HB7: How would I know that you would respect me tomorrow or if you
would call me.

I read about this particular ASD before, but I couldn’t remember what
to do. All I remember saying is that, I’m not the kind of person who
would do that. I told her how cool I think she is and that I would be a
fool if I stopped talking to her (It’s true, she is cool and I would
definitely continue talking to her). I could have had her that night. I
know it. But, because of where we were, she wasn’t going to make it
possible. She even brought up how it would be different if we were on a
couch or on a bed. She even jokingly said that we should get a hotel.
I said, “You’re paying.” Lol. I was dead serious though, but she said
she was joking (LIAR!!! Maybe, maybe not.) Anyways, I tried one more
time by kissing her and touching her, but still, ASD. So, I said,

Me: I’m getting kind of tired; let’s call it a night.
HB7: Ok.

On the drive back to her car, I think she was mad at me because she got
real quiet. But, I ignored it and I started talking to her like I
would a friend (about music and dancing) asking her if she’s ever gone to
raves or similar clubs. She then started stroking the back of my head,
like a girlfriend would do, so I’m thinking this is pretty cool. We
get back to the parking lot where her car is and she asks me can I get

Me: What are you going to give me.
HB7: A hug.
Me: That’s it?!
HB7: Can it be a surprise?
Me: Did I tell you how much I love surprises.

I get out and go around to her side and we hug and she tells me she had
a lot of fun, I say I’m glad and she kisses me again. I knew that a
kiss was going to be the surprise. It’s cool. After 5 seconds, I say
that’s enough for now and go back towards my car. She then tries to
tease me by bending over, with both legs straight, pretending she was
looking for something in her car. She turns back towards me, and sees me
looking and smiles. I’m thinking…bitch (but in a funny way). lol!

Now, I felt like I did a good job that night. However, 3 days had gone by and
she still hadn't called me and this started to frustrate me. This was very
unusual for me (mainly because I have limited experience), usually the girl
calls me back soon after because she had so much fun. But, this happened
Wednesday and it was Saturday. I didn't and still don't understand why I
haven’t gotten one with this girl, especially considering the fact that she
called me the first day we met. I thought this girl was dying to be
with me. I mean, I don’t really care if she wants to see me again (I went
on another date the next night with a different chick…two different
chicks in row, that’s a first for me), I just want to know why she hasn’t
attempted to call me yet. Actually, I called her earlier today,
and we talked for a little. I actually had to make myself do this
because I really didn’t want to call her first. But, I told myself that I
would call her 3 days later if she hadn't called me by now...which I didn't
think was gonna happen. This is the phone call:

Me: What’s up?
HB7: Nothing (she seems like she doesn’t want to talk to me, like
she’s mad at me… I’m thinking it’s because this is the first time I’ve
attempted to call her since Wednesday, or maybe I’m just being too
paranoid….I don’t know).
Me: Are you at work?
HB7: Blah blah.
Me: Well, I was just thinking about you and I wanted to tell you that
I had fun on Wednesday night.
Hb7: Ah, that’s so sweet (I hate when girls say that).
Me: Are you all right (was that lame? let me know)
Hb7: Yeah, why?
Me: You seem like you’re mad or something. Like you just got into
argument or something.
Hb7: I’m okay. I’m just at my moms, counseling her on guy problems.
Me: Ah, you’re such a good girl.
Hb7: What are you doing?
Me: Homework.
Hb7: That’s what I should be doing.
Me: Oh, are you being lazy and slacking off?
Hb7: No, blah blah.
Hb7: Are you still going to the club tonight?
Me: Maybe. What are you doing?
Hb7: Blah blah.
Me: Okay, well anyways, let’s meet up on Tuesday.
Hb7: Okay, but I don’t know my schedule for work.
Me: Okay, well if you don’t have to work, let’s meet up.
Hb7: Okay.
Me: Are you sure you’re okay (I shouldn’t have asked again)
Hb7: (weak laugh) Yeah blah blah
Me: Okay, just checkin.
HB7: All right.
Me: All right.

The funny thing is, after this phone call, I'm like fuck it. I'm not gonna
even worry about this chick and I'm not going to call her to meet up with her.
She has to call me first (I know this sounds like one-itis-and it probably is,
but I've been talking to other chicks since then too, so I'm not sure).
Anyways, she calls me today and says she can't meet up with me Tues. but she
wants to meet with me tomorrow for a movie and I agree.

I can't tell if I'm doing the right things with this chick or not. This
happens a lot with me. I always have a hard time telling if I played a smooth
game on a chick. When I think I do badly, it actually turns out that I did
good. When I do good, it turns out that I do badly. Does this happen with any
of you guys?


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