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Lay Report: Finally

mASF post by NiceGuyNoMore

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Lay Report: Finally
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mASF post by "NiceGuyNoMore"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, December 12, 2003

The lessons I gleaned from the archives regarding this type of situation:

Set up a meeting about a week from last time. Don't talk to her at all except
to set up the meet. F-close her again. Do it again the next week.

If you gotta talk about it, there is a lot of good stuff in the archives and
the players guide on how to deal with it.

Exercise caution. If you can not establish her as one of your MLTR or as a FB,
you may need to let her go, due to her position in your social circle.

If there are a lot of hot girls in your social circle, I would definitely go
for at least one more night, and give it to her hard. Be well rested, be easy
on the alcohol (for yourself), and give her a night of HOT SEX. It appears the
females in your group may have a skill for gossip (who would have suspected
THAT? :o] ). In that case, giving it to her good enough for her to gab out
may be all it takes to get you in with all the other females.

Just make sure to maintain the player frame... Be busy when she calls, only
have enough time for the meet, etc.

Thats my take on the advice from the boards.

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