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Toecutter‘s eBook: Full Review Soon...

mASF post by giordino

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Toecutter‘s eBook: Full Review Soon...
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mASF post by "giordino"
posted on: mASF forum: Reviews Discussion, June 6, 2005

I've only just gotten through a single reading of toecutters ebook on palm
reading... and I have to say... I think it's pretty money.

Toecutter has actually developed a unique teaching model of seduction by
getting you to use his palm reading "seduction model" (loose analogy).

For someone like myself who reads an enormous volume of PU related materials
(articles, archives, commercial) his ebook was surprisingly refreshing.

I had started to suspect that it was not possible to find a "unique" angle on
PU, and the whole subject had been beaten to death.

Gladly though, his book has reignited my passion for new tactics (I've never
really used palm reading, one scan through a book on it puts me to sleep), and
I know I'll be out tonight testing out the 5 beginner readings.

Before I post a full proper review, let me just put up this disclaimer: I'm a
big fan of toecutters post archive. I like the way he writes and I agree with
(most) of his views on this stuff.

I make no money whether you buy his book or not & I do not know him personally.


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