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Re: New on - multi-site search (BETA)

mASF post by Formhandle

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Re: New on - multi-site search (BETA)
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mASF post by "Formhandle"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, January 1, 2001

man***h@ya***.com[ ? ] wrote:

> This is really cool!
> Maybe it can be like hotbot does; list 'site hits' and then
> below its FS ASF archive hits too, so you are sure to find
> something, but with priority on the sites first since that
> information has already been hand sorted.

That's tough to do because each search mechanism is using its own
backend code. Plus, the multi-site searching thing doesn't support
booleans and although has a faster indexing backend (smaller data,
easier to index) is kinda limited to what it can do.

> Maybe also search the pickupguide 'good
> posts archive' too, as that is also been hand screened.

Once unzipped, they're each one big txt file, dude, who's gonna split
them up? ;-)

> So the order of search results would be:
> -hits from PUA websites
> -hits from pickupguide good posts archive (maybe mirror them
> internally in a database someplace in unzipped format so the
> 'bot can search them)

Probably be easiest to flag them in the main database so that the posts
aren't duplicated in like 5 places. Then just search the database
(using the current ASF asrchive mechanism) for entries which have that
"hand picked" flag. Except someone's got to do the menial task of
matching the hand-picked posts to specific articles in the ASF archive
database. :-) Then I can put a check-off box in the main search which
lets someone search for JUST hand-picked posts or sort hand-picked posts
first in the results automatically as the primary sort mechanism.
Actually, if the message IDs are available in the zip archives, then
there might be a way to automate it.

> -hits from any news article in fast seduction ASF post archive
> Now that would be really cool!

And really hard :-)

> Good job so far formhandle!

Thanks. More cool stuff coming... Of course, you already know that...

jay <[email protected]>

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