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Re: New on - multi-site search (BETA)

mASF post by man***h@ya***.com[ ? ]

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Re: New on - multi-site search (BETA)
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mASF post by "man***h@ya***.com[ ? ]"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, January 1, 2001

This is really cool!

Maybe it can be like hotbot does; list 'site hits' and then
below its FS ASF archive hits too, so you are sure to find something,
but with priority on the sites first since that information has
already been hand sorted. Maybe also search the pickupguide 'good
posts archive' too, as that is also been hand screened.

So the order of search results would be:
-hits from PUA websites
-hits from pickupguide good posts archive (maybe mirror them
internally in a database someplace in unzipped format so the 'bot can
search them)
-hits from any news article in fast seduction ASF post archive

Now that would be really cool!
Good job so far formhandle!

Maniac»" target="_blank">»
In article <3A6***9@ao***.com[ ? ]>,
[email protected] wrote:
> I just put up something new on the FS site which searches the conents
> (currently): Maniac's,» Ross Jeffries' Get
> Laid/Persuasion Newsletters, and Dan Scorpio's NLP site.
> It's beta but it works. Not sure if the pickupguide search will be
> separated and put on Maniac's site directly. I couldn't think of
> anything else worth searching just yet (except all those NLP training
> specific sites) unless people have some suggestions.
> It doesn't crawl the sites just yet so I have to enter URls manually.
> That means if a site's content URLs change, the index has to be
> manually... blech.
> --
> jay <[email protected]>
> Fast Seduction 101 -
> Class is now in session...

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