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Re: pu attempt on nyc subway

mASF post by illpapiny

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Re: pu attempt on nyc subway
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mASF post by "illpapiny"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, February 2, 2002

Great work at taking a stab at subway PU.

I have a question for you. Have you read MrSex4uNYC's post archives? If not,
check them out by going to this URL:

MrSex4uNYC is one of my favorite master PUAs. His attitude and advice will help
you to succeed as a New York City PUA. In particular, I came across a few of
his posts addressing the issue of subway sarging.


"MrSex4uNYC" <[email protected]>
Thu, 03 Jun 1999 04:00:00 GMT
subject: Re: Picking up women on trains

<<When boarding, I try to find a group of two or three attractive women.
I sit across from them, I usually have a book or a magazine on me, so
I start reading, but I make frequent eye-contact with the most
attractive one in the group with a kind of sly/knowing smile on my
face. At first she'll usually glance at me once or twice, then look
away. I go back to reading. After three or four times, though, she'll
usually hold my gaze for a lot longer, like 30 or 40 seconds, before
looking to / chatting with one of her friends. I go back to reading
again. The next time, I catch her eye and wait about 20 seconds. Then
I start giggling. Invariably, she begins to giggle as well, as do her
friends. Then I just say hello, ask them if they're shy (probably
wouldn't work in America, but the Japanese are very hazukashi), and
start a conversation. If they speak good English, I move into pattern
language, otherwise I just do my best in Japanese.

>> Good example of pacing and leading. You show interest, create curiousity,
play with her, get her into your game of hide-and-seek, the gaijin thing helps
too, she's with friends so she feels safe and a little bolder to meet you.

When you start laughing, she is already "locked" to you. You can really take
her in any direction you want. Laughing is good because it breaks whatever
state she was in, and lets you write on the clean slate. Since she was willing
to play with you, she is probably willing to talk to you, so you kind of avoid
making first contact, since the playing is mutual.

I think the book/magazine for you is critical. It allows you to neg her when
you need to. You can read as long as you like instead of having no book and
just looking off into some unnatural direction with your head turned to the
side like a dick :) Also, reading is your primary function. Playing with her
is clearly secondary. If playing with her was your primary, you would be at
her mercy because you would be left out in the cold when she was not playing
with you. Matter of fact... think I'll try this book idea. I am on trains a
lot in NYC subways. I usually don't sit because I HATE being squahed when the
fat chicks try to squeeze in next to you... YUK! A book would come in handy.
When I play hide and seek, all I can do is look away or at some other chick.
It's really obvious that I am looking and if I don't approach FAST I stall the
chick and have a much harder time of it.

Also, I met one of the finest chicks I ever met when I was in high school
because of a book :) I had seen her for weeks on the train platform of my home
station and was lusting after her from day 1. One day, she was reading a
book... and this was no book-reading chick :) PURE SEXUALITY! I KNEW she had
to be reading it for school. I immediately walked over and said "Oh, is that
for school?" She replied "Yes, for English class" I said "That's what I
thought. I've seen you around. You go to my school" I chatted her up all the
way to school and every time we saw each other after that (at lunch, going to
school, coming home) we hung out and had a great time... I guarantee you
(since I was no GQ and still am not) that if I had just gone up to her and
tried to meet her on the "I want to date you" game, she would have SHUT ME
DOWN! As it turns out, the ride to school was ~ an hour each way. I spent
more time with her alone (in a crowd) than ANY guy that ever got dates with her
ever accumulated (barring actual boyfriends)

"MrSex4uNYC" <[email protected]>
Tue, 14 Dec 1999 19:26:49 GMT
subject: Re: question for mrsex4unyc regarding nyc

>Hey, mrsex, hows it goin'? I was wondering if you got any tips for
>approachin' women in the subways or on the streets in nyc. The main
>problem is that people in this town are busy and always trying to get
>from one place to another quickly. Any helpful advice would be

subways and streets are ALL ABOUT eye contact. if you can score it, you can
stop them in their tracks. if you can't you're through.

>Also, on a side note, some other new yorker on this newgroup mentioned
>to try those gourmet yogurt/salad places that have sprung up over ny.
>Females greatly outnumber the males in those places, and its a nice
>relaxed environment to PU. theres one right by the manhattan mall I
>remember trying out. You ever try any of those places?

you should try ALL of the major stores ESPECIALLY virgin megastores and barnes
and noble where they have cafes as well as shopping. try starbucks... what I
do sometimes is walk around and look into places. if the place has the TYPE of
bitches I want to meet and the NUMBERS that make it worth checking out, I will
mark it down and go back at a later date.


In addition to MrSex's advice, I think you should have teased and joked with
HBSouthAmerican. She told you upfront that she CONSTANTLY gets approached.
That is your cue to think of stories and patterns that will set you APART from
the other chumps that hit on her. A way to do this is to initiate some very
light instant kino (ala Alphahot) right as you start to talk to her. You had
rapport with her the moment you made EC. You might as well utilize that moment
to set an anchor.

I've had girls use instant kino on me. I was walking through SoHo one summer
day. Suddenly, I felt someone grab my arm. It was a cute black girl who asked
me, "Hey sweetie, which way is Washington Square Park?" After recovering from
the slight surprise, I gave her directions and then I left (this was during my
AFC days!). If I knew what I know now, I would've sarged that bitch! She
invaded MY personal space to get directions. She didn't have to, but she did.
Her boldness stays in my mind to this day. The lesson here is to not
underestimate the state-breaking power of instant kino even in a defensive
social environment like NYC.

Again, good job. It's good to read field reports like this from other NYC
future PUAs.


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