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# The Alt.Seduction.Fast FAQ #

mASF post by Formhandle

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# The Alt.Seduction.Fast FAQ #
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mASF post by "Formhandle"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, October 10, 1999

The Most Predominantly Acceptable ASF (Alt.Seduction.Fast) FAQ


1. Introduction (about this FAQ and ASF)
2. Purpose of ASF
3. Rules for ASF
4. ASF Resources
5. Commonly Used Terms
6. Commonly Asked Questions
7. Speed Seduction FAQ
8. Contact/Credit Information
9. Copyright notice

Introduction (about this FAQ and ASF)

1. Where can I find the latest version of this document?

There are 2 official mirror sites for this document (both in ASCII
form and HTML form):

* (not synced up yet)

If you would like to mirror this document, please don't do so
without first contacting one of the authors for permission and
instructions. For convenience, this FAQ will be auto-posted to ASF
in ASCII form on a regular basis.

2. What is ASF?

ASF stands for "" which is an Internet Usenet
newsgroup. ASF is a communication forum for discussing various
fast pick up and seduction techniques. It is a group for
discussing how to pick up women, fast; as opposed to discussing
marriage theory.

3. Where is the Charter for ASF?

Currently, there is no reliable source for retrieving the original
creation request ("control" message) or any alleged Charter which
may have been included in such a request. Therefore, the best
current and future source of information regarding the ASF
newsgroup is this FAQ.

4. Who created ASF?

It doesn't really matter anymore. But, it has been alleged that
the creation of the group (sometime in late 1994) was requested by
a man named Ross Jeffries for the purpose of discussing his
commercial product, Speed Seduction. However, the actual person
who created the group has never been adequately identified. With
current resources, it is not possible to confirm or deny the
specific creator of the group. However, the rest of this document
will help clarify the current position and use of ASF.

5. Is ASF a moderated newsgroup?

No, ASF has no moderators and has never been officially moderated.

6. Is there an official ddministrator for ASF?

No, ASF has no administrators, although some regular posters on
ASF might claim they administer the group or are the "official FAQ
admin". It is best to ignore such claims by those people, and
perhaps ignore those posters entirely.

7. What is the purpose of this FAQ?

The purpose of this document is to help new and current users of
ASF understand what the forum is about, what rules may exist for
becoming involved with discussions, and how to get the most out
of the forum. This FAQ will give the reader a healthy head start
on what ASF is all about.

Purpose of ASF

The ASF newsgroup was allegedly created for at least the partial
purpose of Speed Seduction, a commercial product based on using
NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) in combination with various
verbal seduction techniques, with the additional expectation that
users of the forum could also discuss other, general [fast]
seduction techniques. Since there is no reliable source for an
original group Charter, it's not possible to completely confirm
this. Therefore, the best inferences that can be made about the
core purpose of the group is based on a number of quantifiable

1. The name of the group in the alt. hierarchy.
2. The majority and type of posts appearing on the group in the
past year (prior to the creation of this FAQ).
3. The voiced opinions of a number of regular posters to ASF.

The purpose of ASF is for discussing how to pick up women, fast,
using a number of techniques. These techniques are constantly
being tested and improved upon by the posters of ASF. This
includes ideas on initial contact with women, various ways of
quickly attracting a woman, avoiding pitfalls and common mistakes,
and learning fronm the ideas, successes, and failures of others.
One good example of how this process works takes the form of
regular "Outing/Field Reports" which are descriptions of the steps
people have taken in various situations and how those situations
turned out. The rest of the group can then analyze this material,
critique it, make suggestions, and use it as a model for their
own pick up attempts. It's one big learning process.

Rules for ASF

In order to keep the group sane, useful, and within reasonable
order, it is requested that posters to the group follow the rules
outlined below (as well as the Usenet posting rules their ISP has
mandated upon them). If you do not wish to follow these rules,
please do not post to the group.


No spam of any kind is allowed on ASF. If you have a product to
sell or a commercial web site to advertise, don't try to sell it
or advertise it to the readers of the group. It's perfectly normal
to discuss commercial products within the bounds of a conversation
but blatant, unbiased advertising for any product will not be
tolerated. Posting such material will likely result in a number of
the regular posters reporting you to your ISP's abuse department.


Sometimes conversations can get pretty heated. Sometimes heated
discussions go so far off-topic that many readers of the group
will become extremely agitated. This behavior is called a "group
disruption" and is very damaging to the ongoing usefulness of the
group. If you end up creating 2 or more group disruptons, you may
be asked to stop posting, cool off, or get back on topic by other
people in the group. Ignoring such a request and continuing to
blatantly disrupt the group will likely result in a number of the
regular posters reporting you to your ISP's abuse department. Note
that simply arguing or disagreeing with somebody is not
necessarily a disruption of the group. Doing that, getting
completely off-topic, and annoying people all at the same time is
considered a group disruption.


If you need to flame someone, take it to alt.flame. If you
disagree with someone's opinion, please respect the purpose of the
group and disagree quietly if you can. If a discussion can't help
but get heated, you take the risk of causing a group disruption
(as outlined in item 2.) if the argument is taken too far or goes
too far off-topic.


Crossposting is permitted as long as the groups being crossposted
to are within the topical sphere of ASF and the readers of the
other group(s) do not object to your post. However, posters are
asked to keep their crossposting to a minimum. Lurk on a group
before posting to it so that you get a good dea of what the
acceptable topics are. Your ISP may also have their own
restrictions in place regarding crossposted articles.


ASF is not an appropriate place to post a personal advertisements.
Do not post personal ads in ASF.


If you detect somebody is trolling the group, possibly trying to
cause a subtle disruption, please simply reply that you believe
the person is a troll and end it at that. See item 3. If you feel
the need to respond to a troll, please try to at least be concise
(and witty).

ASF Resources

The best resources for ASF information (beyond the group itself),
along with a searchable posting archive, related links,
hand-picked useful posts, etc. can be found at:

Formhandle's site:
Fast Seduction 101 -
ASF searchable archive (mostly spam-free), public and private web
boards, links archive, common terms list, Pick up Artists
International Registry (PAIR)

Maniac's site:
Hand-picked posts of interest from ASF with useful commentary.
More links to other pages of interest. Also a private area (see
Nathan's site info below regarding private area access).

Nathan's site:
Nathan maintains a password-protected area on his site referred to
as the "Lounge" or "Nathan's Lounge". It is a restricted part of
Nathan's site where selected members can post their own pick-up
photos and view others'. The site is restricted to respect
people's privacy. Access is granted to regular posters, and for
security reasons new members are added sparingly. Contact Nathan
if you wish to get a password, that will also open up Maniac's
private page.

Kill Filters:
A useful, growing list of Kill Filters for ASF (if your newsreader
or newsfeed supports filters based on regular expressions) can be
found at:

Recommended reading:
For newbies to ASF, it's a good idea to read the archived
newsletters at:
The newsletters may sound like informecials, but they are a must
read to give you a good head start on the general fast pick up and
seduction ideas behind a lot of the stuff posted on ASF.

Commonly Used Terms

The most up-to-date listing of the most commonly use acronyms,
slang, and terms used on ASF can be found at:

Commonly Asked Questions

This list of questions is currently being compiled and is a work
in progress. We will make our best effort to associate any answer
that directly references a particular person's public posting with
that person and make our best effort in good faith to place a
credit notice next to any answer which is believed to be credited
to another someone else. If you have suggestions or additions for
the questions/answers on this list, you can contact one of the FAQ
authors (contact info at bottom of FAQ).

Q: Where can I meet women?

Q: How do I approach women?

Q: How can I hide my nervousness around a woman? How can I fix my

Q: How does height (or generally the way one looks, or how old one
is) influence success with women?

Q: How can I build and improve my self-confidence and charm?

Q: Do commercially sold pheromones work to help attract women?

Q: What is wrong with me?

Q: What does a woman want to see in a man she just meets?

Q: When is the best time to when to hug, kiss, or shake hands
after meeting a woman?

Q: What does it mean when a woman says "I want a man who knows
what he wants and knows how to get it."?

Q: Why don't women like "nice guys"? Why do they like "bad boys"?

Q: If I'm not supposed to be a "nice guy", do I have to be a jerk?

Q: How can I change my "nice guy" image?

Q: What are the best openers (pick up lines) when meeting women?

Q: What is the best attitude to have when trying to attract women?

Q: What does one talk about when first approaching a girl? Should
certain topics be emphasized/avoided?

Q: How do I have a 1 on 1 conversation with a woman ("how do I
talk to women")?

Q: How do I convey personality?

Q: How do I make a woman see me as an opportunity rather than just
another guy?

Q: What does a woman mean when she says...?

Q: What's the best way to answer the question "What do you do for
a living?"

Q: Why do women do what they do (what is "chick logic")?

Q: Why don't (most) women ask men out?

Q: What is mirroring, how is it used, and what does it do?

Q: What is a neg hit?

Q: What is the 3s (3 second) rule?

Q: How can I know if she likes me?

Q: How do I get a woman who is not interested, to go out with me?

Q: What do I do if she says she has a boyfriend?

Q: How do I get a woman's phone number?

Q: What do I do or say if when I ask a women for her number, she
says "Why don't you give me YOUR number?"?

Q: How do I know the phone number she gave me is legit?

Q: After getting a woman's phone number, when should I call, what
should I say, how do I set up a date?

Q: What's a goodmessage to leave on my answering machine?

A: "Hi, I'm not here to pick up the phone so leave your name
and number so I can get back to you later."

Q: What do I do If I get her answering machine?

Q: What do I do if she gives me a beeper number instead of her
phone number?

Q: How do I get women to come back to my place?

Q: How do I treat or deal with a woman who doesn't call back or
cancels dates?

Q: How can I avoid a woman telling me "Let's just be friends."?

Q: How do I turn a "friend" into a "lover", how can I get out of
LJBF ("Let's Just Be Friends") land, or I've just been LJBF'd
- what do I do?

Q: What does "elicit values" mean? How does one elicit values?

Q: What is the "bitch shield"? How do I bypass it?

Q: What is supplication?

Q: What is NLP?

Q: What is an "alpha male"?

Q: What is seduction?

Q: Where and how do I start using all this new knowlege?

Q: How do I ask her if she has a STD (Sexually Transmitted

Q: How can I date more than 1 woman at a time?

Q: I have a question about SS (Speed Seduction»). Where should I go?

Q: What are some highly recommended books I should read?

Any questions not covered by this FAQ can be researched by using
the ASF searchable archive at, or by
lurking on the ASF newsgroup for at least a couple of weeks. There
is also a free web forum, the PUSHboard (Pick up Artists Study
Hall) available at which is a
retro-moderated board (no spam, no piles of useless posts).

Speed Seduction FAQ

The Speed Seduction FAQ can be found at:

Contact/Credit Information

man***h@de***.com[ ? ]
[email protected]

You can contact any of the above e-mail addresses regarding any
element of this FAQ (please include the words "ASF FAQ question"
in the subject of your e-mail).

Copyright notice

Except for quoted elements explicitly noted as being credited
to another entity, this work is Copyright©1999 by the authors,
[email protected],, and
man***h@de***.com[ ? ]. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction of
material appearing in this document, in whole or in part, is
forbidden without prior permission from at least one of the

--End of FAQ--

jay <[email protected]>

Fast Seduction 101 -
Class is now in session...

Unless otherwise noted, this article is Copyright©1999 by "Formhandle" with implicit permission provided to for reproduction. Any other use is prohibited without the explicit permission of the original author.


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