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Re: Jaffo's Journal #7 - Got those AOL Chat Room Blues

mASF post by Jaffo

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Re: Jaffo's Journal #7 - Got those AOL Chat Room Blues
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mASF post by "Jaffo"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, December 12, 1996

In alt.politics.jaffo, on Sun, 15 Dec 1996 16:45:42 GMT, E.Holmes wrote:

:On 14 Dec 1996, in alt.religion.kibology, Nick S Bensema remarks:
:/You mean there are scripts? E-fricken-GAD!
:/I wonder if they'd work in Real Life.
: No. The only useful bit from the speed seduction 'technique' is
: the advice to act more confident. Oh, and to use humor in your
: approaches. Confidence and humor are always attractive, but you
: don't need to spend money on a stupid book to learn that.

Some men do, though. It's not like young men have FATHERS anymore...
: The rest of it is pretty much absurd. I've been told that these
: ridiculous techniques work on really shallow and silly girls who
: don't see through it, but the person claiming that it 'really
: works' hasn't actually SEEN it work, but only read CLAIMS that
: it works. Well, I've heard lots of guys CLAIM things that don't
: happen at all. Even heard of claims made that *I* was a successful
: conquest by a jock-type I wouldn't give the time of day to. So I
: know just how much validity to give to CLAIMS of seduction.
: <obVulis SPIT>

Let me tell you why I give these things ANY credibility at all. Every guy
has noticed the phenomenon of some wonderful, gorgeous chyk going out with
a total asshole. These techniques explain that phenomenon.

: I think perhaps the guys who claim this speed seduction nonsense
: works are trying to pick up chyx that want to be picked up
: anyway, so any approach that included a touch of humor is bound
: to attract positive attention.

Of course! Most guys fail because they waste their time on women that
don't want to be picked up. The first rule of SS is to avoid the women who
don't want to be picked up. <G>

: Point Being: If you are confident enough to TRY to connect, and
: have a sense of humor, and can step outside yourself long enough
: to exhibit interest in the other person, then you will find it
: very easy to establish relationships with others, whether for
: casual sex, or for friendship, or for business.

I call this, "The Damick Principle."

: As for casual sex (& I address this mostly to the guys), the real
: key is whether or not the girl wants to be picked up. If she does,
: then almost ANY positive action on your part will attract her to
: you. If she does not want to be picked up, all the embedded nonsense
: in the world won't do a thing.

Perhaps you're right.

: Conclusion: Speed Seduction is basically a self-help program. If
: you need help in developing your confidence in communicating with
: people, it is probably good for that. You should be aware though,
: that even the author (Ross Jeffries) admits it started off quite
: tongue-in-cheek, and as far as I can tell, it still is. However,
: there are too many people getting WAAY too serious about it.

I agree with this. There are a number of very worthwhile techniques for
building self-confidence in the material. And NLP _is_ a useful
technology. Ross just packages it with an over-the-top marketing style
that attracts men in his "target audience."

Pretty good marketing, IMO.


"Nothing livens up sex like knowing you're being videotaped." - Duckman

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