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Re: Pop Quiz

mASF post by finalD

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Re: Pop Quiz
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mASF post by "finalD"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, May 5, 2005

Jestor wrote in news:[email protected]:

> You're obviously a smart guy so why can't you use that raw
> intelligence to learn the art. It's just a matter of shifting from
> logical thinking to fluid thinking. Can you somehow channel those
> powerful mental energies differently?
>>Well, please do inform of how to do
>>that. Not in specific terms, no. I'm
>>not asking for that. I totally agree
>>with you, that routines and "cut
>>and dried" methods aren't going to solve
>>my problems.
> Please tell me what these problems are. I think I know but what do
> you feel these problems are?? If you had to say just ONE thing that
> IS the problem what would that be?

I have read, and I do understand, your comments. They're sort of
helpful, although (again) they don't address HOW TO LEARN TO BE BETTER
AT LOGISTICS, as much as simply suggest I ought to reframe and get in
the field. I guess that is true -- when is it not? -- but I'm still
frustrated by our collective lack of logistical solutions.

To answer your question, I'd put it in one of several ways, but they all
boil down to things other than confidence / conversation-skills / value-
demonstration. I don't really have a problem (at least not in a
personal, internal sense) with what I seem to be worth to a chick, or
how I interact. What I have a problem with is opportunity. Who meets hot
chicks? Where are they? How do you get them to stop having to run off to
the photocopier? And who has the ENERGY? Geez, it sounds like everyone
on this board is in college. I work 8-to-5, and otherwise I either sleep
or eat, basically. I spend about half an hour every third day on the
web, looking at bulletin boards; and another half an hour every third
day (collected into a two-hour chunk every other week or so) doing
laundry. That's the grand sum total of the opportunities I have in life.
Work takes all my energy time and effort. It always has. I have never
liked this fact, but have also never found a way out of it. Were I to
work less hard, I would no longer have the minimal income that enables
me to eat and sleep.

> academic types. Get to know some blue collar people. Get more down
> to earth. Get dirty. Surround yourself with everything you can that
> is positive and reinforcing and let osmosis take over. Or at the VERY

It's funny that people consistently assume this about me. I must come
across as a real professor type in my internet postings! LOL. I do
actually spend most of my time "with the hired help" -- for example, at
my local cafeteria, all the hot-looking doctors and nurses who are
customers DON'T know me, but the staff do. They like me (I think!) too.
Really. :) When I was TRULY among academics -- as a graduate student and
an instructor in a university -- I was doing quite poorly in my career
because I didn't "fit in" because I had non-elitist assumptions about
things, in a way that prevented the collective group from easily
considering me "one of them" and therefore helping me in all the subtle
networky little ways.

Bad at networking with people who could give me what I want (better job,
pussy, etc.), good at making (fat ugly) friends who need help from me.
I'm an eccentric-magnet, and a lower-class-magnet. That's me. :)

No, I don't mean that literally. I'd hoped for a "logistics" discussion
but you subtly turned it into a "Final D's problems" discussion. I won't
fall for that. :) I think there's a LOT of ways that logistical
arrangements can be investigated and learned. I'm a little disappointed
that the very post in which I categorically state my desire to AVOID
discussing the specifics of logistics, occasioned a response in which
the author suggested I was asking too many specific questions about
logistics. That seems to kind of talk past one another a bit. My hope
would not be -- as I've been quite clear -- to distinguish each of three
hundred possible specific variables. My hope would be to learn which FEW
variables, or which FEW points of view, would be useful. There is, and
always has been for me, way too much cacophony in a social setting for
me to handle. The idea is to filter (as you suggest, though
differently). How does one learn to filter? To use your terminology, is
there not a filter-applying procedure which I might undergo?

Finally, yes, I've seen a workshop. It was pretty much utterly totally
beside the point. I don't thrill to the idea of spending money. I don't
have it. I would very much like to change that fact, as well, but it
seems I've gotten started out all wrong somehow, and the lack occasions
further lack. It's just like pussy, isn't it? :)

The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in
higher esteem those who think alike than those who think

Friedrich Nietzsche

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