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To tell Outing Report not to tell...

mASF post by Jay180

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To tell Outing Report not to tell...
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mASF post by "Jay180"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2005

Recently my wife and I have talked about having ONS with other people. I plan
to be open to any prospective young lady about my marital status. But there is
one part I'm not sure about, and that is whether to tell them that it's okay
with my wife. I read a posting on the "open marriage" board where a woman said
her husband usually got negative reactions from ladies when he DID tell them,
like “how can you do that to her?” or “I want no part of your alternative
sexual lifestyle!”. Apparently he did better when he didn’t mention that part.
If this is true, it says a lot about how women think (though from reading other
postings on that site it seems the men are mostly AFC’s). I asked this
question on a philanderer’s board, and they generally said that I should be
totally honest (surprising since they’re obviously doing a plenty of lying
themselves). I suspect that the women who replied to this question couldn’t
admit that the female brain may work in such a way that they’d be more turned
on by the thought of sleeping with someone’s man without the wife’s knowledge.
Not telling a prospect the details of my sexual arrangements with my wife
doesn’t seem to me to by lying anyways (unless she asks). Does anybody on this
board have any experience with this?

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