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Re: PIMPS vs. Players (Attn: PlayerSupreme)

mASF post by PlayerSupreme

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Re: PIMPS vs. Players (Attn: PlayerSupreme)
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mASF post by "PlayerSupreme"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

On 4/28/05 11:18:24 AM, Icewind wrote:
> wrote in
>news:[email protected]
>> On 4/27/05 5:17:49 AM, ancestor
>>>PlayerSupreme wrote:
>>>> You nigga ho! Yo yo yo
>>>You're ok too man. You just
>>>have to hang in there and
>>>fight. It can be
>>>hard at times but you will get
>>>through it. Don't worry about
>>>how you use
>>>the English language it will
>>>get better with time when you
>>>find a more
>>>authentic style.
>> You know that you just made
>yourself look stupid on a internet site
>> Now
>> this is too good an opportunity to
>make you look even more foolish.
>> You thought I was some kind of
>internet only playa huh:
>Player, Kid is the right
>amount of pictures or words of wisdom
>will change that. Some guys read an
>e-book and think seduction is step 1, 2
>then 3. That is why we can so easily lay
>girls their age. Seduction is a
>process not a technique and for that
>reason only their left brain will never
>get it. Instinct, gut-feelings,
>intuitiveness and thousands of hours of
>interacting with girls. Keep up the
>postings, you enlighten the hell out of
>Why does it matter where you meet women?
>If you first meet them online, do
>you not have to meet them in
>person? you not have to continue
>seduction? Is there a way to physically
>fuck a girl thru a monitor I'm not
>aware of? I have seduced girls I meet at
>malls, department stores, grocery
>stores, parks, bookstores, in classes,
>in front of groups, alone, I've even
>done a girl that was a wrong
>number......and send me to hell

LOL...a wrong number.

>internet as well. Anyone, that doesn't
>utilize the time they have where they
>are and ignore where women might be is a
>DAMN FOOL. And as I step off the
>soap box, I'll add that I want to hear
>more of your stories....hehe.

naaah I'm done contributing on this thread. Pimping is a negative subject for
me. Seduction is where I want to keep my focus directed at.

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