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Re: Bing Bang Boom -- Piece of Cake Bartime Hookup

mASF post by Icewind

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Re: Bing Bang Boom -- Piece of Cake Bartime Hookup
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mASF post by "Icewind"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, April 4, 2005

<n3rv1> wrote in message news:[email protected]...
> Licewind, you Don Johnson, Miami Vice wannabe motherfucker, I TRIPLE DOG
> you to post just ONE story of how you've banged a chick. Make it
> something
> from at least within the last decade too. Banging 19 and 20 year old "HB
> 9s"
> on a regular basis? You should have a WEALTH of experience to draw from
> to
> post even the most BASIC shit that even an AFC fresh off could
> KJ
> off the top of his head. I have a feeling you won't do it though, because
> it
> risks ruining your latest mASF account, as most people around here can see
> through phoney bullshit.

Miami Vice, I miss that show, loved it so much I went out and bought a 4506.
You triple dog dare me, LMAO. Am not are too. No one was 21 the other was
23. Neither were nines. Do you always misrepresent the facts in your
rebuttals? No not on a regular basis, I have a LTR so that limits me, it
usually about 15 per year if you must know. As for my postings, I don't
remember posting theories or such, I just try to help guys, you must be
confusing me with yourself. You use that word KJ alot, makes one
wonder.....psy101 wonder. Anyway, I do girls from 18 to 50....its just that
the young ones are so easy....which I should partly thank you for.

> I have to admit, I love the excuse of being in too "important" of a
> position,
> or of it being a "liability" to post LRs, or in your case even a FR or an
> OR.
> Ha! Who're you Bill Gates? Are you some world political leader, that if
> your
> Republican enemies find out you read and post on mASF they are going to go
> Bill
> Clinton on your ass?? LOL Snap out of it foolio, you've got delusions of
> grandeur! "Mmeeehh, I'm gonna be president of the united states some day,
> so I
> don't wanna tarnish my reputation by posting about how I bang chicks."
> Yeah
> right, more like you just don't have anything to write about. Well, at
> least
> you're not dumb enough to make shit up like some guys around here do.

Again you draw conclusions and misrepresent. I said liability, not
importance. My LTR, actually reads this board and is in the process of
learning from the material I have and what I have taught her(she's bi). She
wants to improve to make 3somes more consistent. The point is she does not
know about most of the sidework I'm doing.....does that clear it up for you?
I don't make anything up, I and you know it, have never claimed to be the
likes of the great PUA's that post here. I do have many years under my belt
and I share what I know when people ask for it. Isn't that what this board
is about? I don't think its about posting everytime you get your dick wet by
BLIND CHANCE. Your advice on the other hand is way above mine, I can see it,
your replies are gftow..genius!

> As far as Gunwitch goes, yeah he posts LRs. You don't have much of a case
> there.

He does? on this board?.....if so I stand corrected.

> The jury's out. You're a cocksniffing SS casualty. Get on with life.
> Buck up
> and fuck off pops, your limp-wristed interpretation of things around here
> isn't
> impressing anyone, especially not me. Now go jerk off to some text porn
> that a
> 50 year old trucker in Wyoming is typing to you in the guise of one of
> those 19
> year old HBs you're fantasizing about fucking. LOLOLOL!!!

I know SS is hated by many, and I know why it is.....most guys aren't smart
enough and willing to take the time to learn it. Some guys just don't have
the mind for it. But as I stated once before, I've learned from every method
out there, I keep what I like and dispose of what I don't. I even use Gun's
stuff, does that piss you off? I'm not trying to impress anyone...I have
nothing to sale nor do I need a snot nosed kids validation. LOL, you're the
one to talk about masturbation, aren't you the one that gets horny and
jacks-off to that crippled physics guy?..:)

Here is something I do want to set straight with you....for you seem to
ignore what people say. Over 90 percent of the lays I have done have been
from outside. Have I done online pick-ups?.....hell yes. When I'm at work,
you damn right I will set up meets on the pc. I don't believe in ignoring
any place women might be. Just because you can't do it doesn't mean no one
else can. By the way, your proctologist called....they found your head.


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