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Re: interesting personals ad by a chick

mASF post by Icewind

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Re: interesting personals ad by a chick
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mASF post by "Icewind"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, March 3, 2005

<n3rv1> wrote in message news:[email protected]...
> On 3/29/05 1:54:05 PM, Icewind wrote:
> At risk of sounding like a racist, I'm willing to bet you're a brother,
> right?

No, sorry. I have alot of black freinds and I've learned alot fom them. Most
are naturals.

> Black folks seem to have a thing about seducing chicks online.

Really?....never noticed it myself.

They also seem
> to react violently when given shit about it, as if their ego were getting
> directly shit on.

If you are implying that I acted "violently", you are wrong. I just have no
tolerance for stupidity.

The typical response is, "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT GOOD IS
> Also, LiceWind, I took a quick peek at your massive posting history, all
> posts, to see exactly what you've contributed to this community, and all I
> found were standing ovations for Speed SeductionT. Maybe you should talk
> shit
> about other people's FRs after you post some of your own.

Son, how long have you been here? You think that this forum is the
"community"? I was here, when there was the pickup guideor RJ, that was the
only choice. I was at Usenet, when it was decided to make this
board....where were you? You will not find many posts by me unless you know
the names I have used in the past and you damn sure will never see a LR. My
problem with you is that there is nothing in your FR's. I see no tactics, I
see no methods. Also you give out advice like candy in a room full of
children. That in itself doesn't bother me, what bothers me is that you act
like you are in the top ten of pu when its painfully clear that you are wet
behind the ears...:) . People have consistantly asked you to fuck off with
your one-word advice and constant postings, but you still persist in the
face of superior knowledge and the displeasure of the forum owner.

As for SS....yes I will give it a standing ovation. It is the ONLY product
out there that deals with the deeper levels of a woman's mind. Do you want
to seduce or pick-up?......I rather seduce. Now, all the other methods are
GREAT and I would recommend them ALL to anyone. I chose to learn from them

> I'm a firm believer in "to each his own," but you gotta draw the line
> somewhere. This online PU business is by no means an "art," nor should it
> be
> taken seriously by anyone under the age of 40.

Not an art?....that belief is why you will NEVER be as good as you could be.
Sonny, pickup isn't about a canned routine, or some lines you deliver. And
to discount or ignore all places where women might be is a glaring mistake
on your part. As I said before I have 90 percent of my lays offline, but I
will not ignore other venues.


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