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The effects of pumping iron

mASF post by Mr. Miyagi [NL]

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The effects of pumping iron
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mASF post by "Mr. Miyagi [NL]"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, March 3, 2005

I'd have to agree with Riker_AUT on this one. I think that 'pumping iron' helps
*YOU* with your game because it increases *YOUR* self confidence.

Now, don't get me wrong ijjjji, I really do value most of your contributions to
this board, but sometimes it seems like you're just trying to come up with
reasons to justify for yourself why you spend so much time pumping iron. If it
still seems to help you with your game / confidence / sex drive, great,
otherwise you should maybe consider reducing the time you spend exercising and
start doing some other things.

Me, I'm not a very muscular guy and I'm not going to the gym (anymore), but
sometimes I still do some brief push-ups etc. before I go out sarging and just
notice that when I know I did these, I feel more confident - even though my
conscious brain knows that girls really won't see much difference after such a
small amount of exercise.

Also, you said you have been getting compliments from girls about your looks
now you have been pumping iron for a while. I'm sure there are girls who are
kinda into the muscular type of guy, but there are also a lot of women who are
more into slim, tall guys - at least, that's what girls keep telling me. So
with pumping iron you're just attracting a different segment of chicks at
most... Also it could be that your mere looks are not really what attracts
these girls to you, but they just THINK or SAY they like you because of your

Finally, from all the theories it's known that it is mostly guys who are
judging women based on their looks alone. For that matter, you only have to
look at Ross Jeffries, David D. and / or lots of other successful PUAs. They
are surely not the typical pumping iron kinda guys.

Regards & keep those good postings coming,

Mr. Miyagi [NL]

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